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CDD OVERVIEW FOR Saturday, February 16, 2019

Disagreement Over Street Tree Policy Plays Out Between CDD Supervisors and Staff

The February 5 meeting of the Westchase CDD saw supervisors give strong pushback to their CDD engineer’s memo, which suggested Westchase’s street oak trees were a long-term problem that needed resolution.

CDD Hires Landscape Architect to Prepare Acceptable Street Tree List

The Jan. 8 meeting of the Westchase CDD saw supervisors discuss street trees and return to a possible cell tower location in Glencliff Park. Supervisors also heard definitively about the status of their offer to purchase the Westchase Golf Course.

CDD Board Discusses Street Lights, Cell Tower and Street Tree Plan

The Dec. 4 meeting of Westchase CDD supervisors, who discussed hiring a landscape architect to develop a consistent street tree plan, saw the new terms of two board members begin.

CDD Addresses Tornado Damage

At their Nov. 6 month meeting, supervisors of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) heard a rundown of damage caused by a tornado that struck portions of The Greens, Village Green and The Bridges on Friday, Nov. 2.

CDD Supervisors to Explore Locations for New Cell Towers

At the Oct. 2 Westchase CDD meeting, supervisors agreed to explore potential locations for new cell towers to enhance cellular service in Westchase.

2018 CDD Assessments See Significant Declines for 17 Westchase Villages

The Aug. 7 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) saw supervisors pass their 2018 budget, which will see 17 Westchase subdivisions no longer paying district debt assessments.

CDD’s Golf Course Purchase Back On?

At the July 10 Westchase CDD meeting, supervisors got word that their purchase of the Westchase Golf Course may be back on.

CDD Golf Course Purchase Negotiations Hit Snag

The June 5 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) saw supervisors pass a corrected draft budget while addressing Greens guard house salaries, Greens speeding and increase the budget for Westchase’s holiday décor.

CDD Passes Draft Budget; Inches Closer to Golf Course Purchase Contract

The May 1 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) saw supervisors pass an initial draft budget for next year, move a step closer to a purchase contract for the Westchase Golf Course and begin maintenance of a large lake they recently acquired.

CDD Makes Advances on Landscaping Improvements and Potential Golf Course Purchase

The April 3 CDD Workshop and April 4 Westchase CDD meeting saw supervisors return to two topics that have dominated recent meetings: landscaping plans and the district’s potential purchase of the Westchase Golf Course.

CDD Gets Update at Golf Course Purchase Agreement

Westchase CDD Supervisors received an update on their potential purchase of the Westchase Golf Club at their March 6 meeting, which saw Field Supervisor Doug Mays explain challenges with Westchase’s recent street sweeping.

CDD Supervisors Address Landscaping Proposals and Lake Property Transfer

While the Feb. 6 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) saw over 50 residents attend to hear news of a proposed purchase of the Westchase Golf Course, supervisors also made headway on proposed Westchase landscaping replacements and the transfer to the district of a large lake adjacent to The Bridges.

Westchase CDD Makes Offer for Westchase Golf Course

More than 50 residents attended the Feb. 6 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District to follow supervisors

While Westchase Community Development District (CDD) supervisors voted unanimously to make a $4 million offer for the Westchase Golf Course on Feb. 6, it’s nowhere near a done deal yet.

CDD Meeting Addresses County Sewer Project and Kingsford Complaints

The Jan. 9 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) saw supervisors tackle a number of projects in addition to their potential purchase of the Westchase golf course. “As we can see this evening, we have residents with things on their minds,” said CDD Chair Jim Mills.

CDD Consideration of Purchase of Westchase Golf Course Postponed to Feb. 6

It was one of the most crowded, most contentious Westchase community meetings of the last decade. The Jan. 9 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) was dominated by Harbor Links and Greens residents’ reactions to news that the district would vote on a letter of intent to purchase the Westchase Golf Course. More than two dozen residents packed the small meeting room in the Westchase Community Association (WCA) office building on Parley Drive for a meeting that typically sees no more than two or three residents attend on average each month.

Westchase CDD to Hold Jan. 9 Vote on Possible Purchase of Westchase Golf Course

At the Jan. 9 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD), the district’s five supervisors could make one of the most important and consequential decisions in the history of Westchase.

CDD Board Hears Road Preservation Pitch

The Dec. 5 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) saw a presentation on road preservation. At the session, supervisors also addressed Glencliff Park playground repairs and considered an inquiry from Woodbridge HOA about the district’s willingness to take ownership of its gates and roads.

CDD Addresses Linebaugh Work Concerns With Hillsborough County

The Nov. 6 meeting of the Westchase Community District saw supervisors address their concerns about the Linebaugh construction site with Hillsborough County Public Works staff member George Cassidy.

CDD Addresses Hurricane Matters and Golf Course

The Oct. 4 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) saw supervisors address Hurricane Irma storm clean up, express concern with the construction on Linebaugh Avenue and express interest in potentially purchasing the Westchase Golf Course to preserve the community’s appearance.

CDD Board Approves 2018 Budget

The Aug. 1 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) saw supervisors make final tweaks to their 2018 draft budget and continue their discussion of Westchase’s landscaping.

CDD Talks Fireworks, Golf Course Landscaping and Westchase’s Appearance

The July 11 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District saw supervisors tackle fireworks and Westchase’s overall appearance.

CDD Preps Homeowner Information on Ponds

The June 6, 2017 meeting of the Westchase CDD saw supervisors tackle a host of different issues while returning to ponds and pond erosion prevention.

CDD Supervisors Address Dead Grass and 2018 Budget

A three hour meeting of the Westchase Community Development District on May 2 saw supervisors pass a draft 2018 budget that promises no homeowner assessment increases. Meanwhile board members also addressed dying grass and debated hiring a landscape architect to make over Westchase’s appearance. Opening the session, however, was Westchase’s Community Resource Office, Deputy Hugh Alter, who addressed the recent car thefts and burglaries in Westchase.

CDD Extends Landscaper’s Contract Another Year; Approves New Greens Gatehouse Entry System

After postponing the decision in March due to their dissatisfaction with the new landscaping project at Westchase’s east entrance, Westchase CDD supervisors voted on April 4 to extend their landscaper’s contract an additional year. Supervisors also voted to approve a new software entry system to handle visitors to The Greens gatehouse.

CDD Board Addresses Ponds and Landscaping; Honors Two Former Board Members

At their March 7 meeting, supervisors on the Westchase CDD dealt with some recurring themes – pond bank erosion repairs and the performance of the district’s landscaping company – before honoring two board members for their recent service.

CDD Board Offers Thumbs Down on New Landscaping

It was intended to make Westchase shine for the Feb. 9 grand opening of Costco. Instead, Davey, the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) landscaper that recently completed a $24,500 landscaping project to remake Westchase’s eastern entrance, faced disappointed supervisors who bluntly stated they didn’t get what they believed had been promised.

CDD Embraces New Landscaping Project for Westchase’s Eastern Entrance

At their Jan. 3 meeting, Westchase CDD supervisors reviewed and approved a proposal to replace or enhance landscaping at three different community locations. In part the project aims to remake the appearance of Westchase’s eastern entrance in time for Costco’s grand opening Feb. 9.

CDD Board’s Faces Change

Matt Lewis, Westchase’s new CDD supervisor

The Dec. 6 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) saw the board welcome a new supervisor and bid farewell to a veteran of almost two decades. Following his election to the board on Nov. 8, Wycliff resident Matt Lewis, a civil engineer, was sworn in just prior to the Dec. 6 meeting. At its conclusion, supervisors then hailed CDD Chair Mark Ragusa, whose resignation they accepted on Dec. 16, when his home in Harbor Links/The Estates sells.

CDD Selects Davey For Landscape Rehab Projects

Davey provided this preliminary drawing of new landscaping, which includes fountain features, at Westchase’s eastern entrance. The plan will likely be updated before its approval.

A 90-minute meeting of the Westchase CDD on Nov. 1 saw supervisors move closer to significantly revamping the landscaping at some Westchase entrances. The board of Westchase’s Community Development District (CDD) also revisited pond bank erosion plans and the long-delayed completion of Westchase park renovations.

CDD Passes Budget With No Assessment Increase

After their public budget hearing, CDD supervisors passed a budget that leaves CDD assessments largely unchanged from 2015 levels.

CDD Supervisors Address Rezoning and Fence Issues

A drainage basin map distributed at the CDD meeting illustrates the different drainage areas along Sheldon and Linebaugh with thin black lines. For orientation purposes, the large lake in the upper left of the image is the lake sitting between Westchase Elementary School and The Vineyards. The road running east-west beneath it is Linebaugh Avenue. The Flournoy parcel is outlined in red and lies adjacent to Sheldon Road, running north-south in the image.

A 90-minute meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) on Aug. 2 saw supervisors discussing the proposed rezoning of property off Thomas Ranch Lane and the best way to deal with homeowners whose backyard fences encroach on CDD property.

Supervisors Confront Park Delays and Hydrilla Invasion

The canal between Village Green and the West Park tennis courts, affected by the hydrilla invasion and spraying. Photo by Bobbi Pitcher.

A rezoning request, Glencliff Park playground delays and hydrilla-choked ponds dominated discussion at the July 12 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD).

Supervisors Respond to Residents Throwing Shade at CDD Board

At the June 7 meeting Westchase Community Development District (CDD) supervisors addressed a petition’s demand for more shade structures at the new Baybridge Park playground.

Westchase CDD Discusses Developments, Park Projects and Road Repaving

At its May meeting, the Westchase CDD continued to approve bids for park work and heard back about a possible interlocal agreement to get Westchase roads paved early.

Westchase CDD Discusses Developments, Park Projects and Road Repaving

At its May meeting, the Westchase CDD continued to approve bids for park work and heard back about a possible interlocal agreement to get Westchase roads paved early.

CDD Addresses Parks Bids, Westchase Soccer and WCA Road Repaving Proposal

The April meeting of the Westchase CDD finalized many aspects of the district’s parks improvement plan while supervisors wrestled with a few other potentially contentious issues. During the four hour, ten minute meeting, supervisors discussed the Westchase Soccer Association’s use of Glencliff Park and an invitation by the Westchase Community Association (WCA) to attend an April 22 meeting to learn details of a county-proposed interlocal agreement. That agreement could get Westchase roads repaved early, but could come at a potential cost to the community.

CDD Discusses How to Pay for Parks Project; Baybridge Park Playground Set for Demolition March 4

At their March 1 meeting, Westchase CDD supervisors discussed how to pay for their $1.6 million parks improvement program, which kicked off with the demolition of Baybridge Park’s playground area on Friday, March 4.

CDD Selects New Play Equipment for Three Parks

The Village Park equipment proposal.

Marking the next step in their extensive park improvement plans, CDD supervisors picked new playground equipment for Glencliff, Baybridge and their newly named Village Park at their Feb. 2 meeting.

CDD Makes Headway in Bid Awards for Parks Renovation Project

The Jan. 5 meeting of the Westchase CDD saw significant headway made in the district’s upcoming refurbishment of Westchase parks. At the three hour meeting, supervisors debated at length the best approach to selecting contractors for the work before unanimously voting to award the park equipment installation at the three parks to three different contractors. Doing so, they stated, would ensure a variety of play equipment styles and options for Westchase families.

CDD Parks Work Runs into Additional Delay

The brief Dec. 1 meeting of the Westchase CDD put off bid selection for the district’s $1.5 million parks improvement project for another month. In the meantime, residents are still asked to contact the district to share their views on different play equipment proposed for Westchase parks.

CDD Treads Water on Parks Plan

A brief meeting of the Westchase CDD on Nov. 3 saw no formal action advancing the district’s planned park renovations. Supervisors instead discussed what was intended by their October motion that approved their $1.5 million parks plan.

CDD Approves $1.56 Million Parks Plan

West Park Village Green Splashpad and Playground

At their Oct. 6 meeting, Westchase CDD supervisors approved the parks plan proposed by designer Neale Stralow of Stantec. The product of months of discussion, the plan promises a makeover of Baybridge and Glencliff Parks while offering new amenities for the West Park Town Center green on Montague Street.

CDD Gives Initial Approval To Parks Design Plan

One addition to the park design plan was a table tennis area for a portion of the West Park Village Town Center in Village Green.

Culminating months of discussion about Westchase park renovations, Westchase CDD supervisors gave their unanimous approval to their park designer’s plans at their Oct. 6 meeting. While not chiseling the plan in stone, the vote paved the way for bid acquisition for work that will reshape the appearance of Baybridge Park, Glencliff Park and the Montague Street green in West Park Village Town Center.

CDD Addresses Flooding and Parks Project

Flooding and the Westchase CDD’s upcoming parks capital improvement project were the main topics of discussion at their Sept. 1 meeting. CDD Chair Mark Ragusa opened the session, however, by remembering former supervisor Ernie Sylvester of The Greens, who died Aug. 18 and whose memorial service he attended on Aug. 30. “Those of you who knew him know what a fantastic individual he was,” said Ragusa.

CDD Engineer Addresses Westchase Flooding

The Aug. 4 meeting of the Westchase CDD saw supervisors addressing the significant street flooding that occurred in Westchase the previous day and pass their 2016 budget.

CDD Raises Pavilion Rentals; Pushes Park Plan Discussion to Aug. 4

Nearly two dozen Boy Scouts filled the room at the July 7 meeting of the Westchase CDD, which saw supervisors vote to increase the pavilion rental fees at Baybridge and Glencliff Parks. With the Scouts from Troop 46 present to learn about the functions of local government, Vice Chair Greg Chesney, an Eagle Scout himself, regularly paused while chairing the session to explain what the Community Development District (CDD) supervisors were doing. The youngsters watched as supervisors addressed issues related to park fees, their landscaper, the upcoming parks renovation project and their 2016 budget.

When Will Your CDD Bond Payment End?

During budget season one of homeowners’ most common questions is when their CDD debt service payments will end. The debt service is one component of homeowners’ Westchase Community Development District (CDD) assessments and varies by neighborhood.

Jim Mills Appointed to CDD Board; District Landscaper Fails Monthly Review

Bridges resident Jim Mills takes the oath of office for the open seat on the Westchase CDD.

A lengthy three hour meeting of the Westchase CDD saw the existing four supervisors interview eight candidates for the open seat created by Brian Zeigler’s February resignation before unanimously appointing Bridges resident Jim Mills.

CDD Supervisors Address Park Concerns; Set Budget Goal of No Assessment Increase

At their May 5 meeting, Westchase CDD supervisors heard some residents’ concerns about Glencliff Park renovation plans and approved a draft budget for the county’s property tax Truth in Millage (TRIM) notices. Opening the session were District Manager Andy Mendenhall of Severn Trent and Severn Trent accountant Alan Baldwin, who presented the district’s 2016 draft budget.

CDD Supervisors Review Draft of Park Redesigns; Oppose State Bills on Security Cameras

The preliminary concept drawing for Glencliff Park.

At their April 7 meeting, Westchase CDD supervisors saw an initial draft of potential park redesigns for Baybridge and Glencliff Parks and voted unanimously to oppose bills before the Florida legislature that could significantly limit residents’ use of CDD security camera footage.

CDD Tackles Board Resignation and Teen Loitering at Baybridge Park

The March 3 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) began with supervisors accepting the resignation of former Supervisor Brian Zeigler and ended with them tackling teen loitering at Baybridge Park.

Short CDD Meeting Tackles Survey Points and Food Truck Rally

February’s meeting of the Westchase CDD reinforced the district’s historic position of declining any use of Westchase park land that primarily benefits commercial interests. Gathering on Tuesday, Feb. 3, supervisors of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) began the session by cleaning up their financial books by addressing unallocated expenses related to the installation of new survey datum points in recently repaved roads in Stonebridge, The Greens and Harbor Links/The Estates.

CDD to Install Fountain in Countryway Boulevard Lake

Supervisors of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) saw their first meeting of 2015 adjourn in less than an hour – but not before making a splash. The abbreviated session addressed three items, including the purchase of a fountain for a lake near Westchase’s fire station.

Greens Residents Flock to CDD Meeting to Keep Manned Gatehouse

The Dec. 2 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) saw dozens of Greens residents in attendance to express support for keeping their gatehouse manned around the clock.

CDD Hires Designer for Park Renovation Master Plan

Westchase’s parks were the primary topic at the Nov. 5 meeting of the Westchase CDD. At the session, supervisors tackled the hiring of a designer for a Park Renovation Master Plan and the best way to address offensive behavior by Glencliff Park visitors on weekends.

CDD Supervisors Seek Consultant for Park Plans; Weigh Greens Gatehouse Cost Changes

An Oct. 8 meeting saw Westchase CDD supervisors agree on an approach to completing park renovations and heard talk of possible cost increases – or overnight staffing changes – to The Greens gatehouse security contract.

CDD Calls for Greater Homeowner Education on Pond Bank Maintenance

The Sept. 9 meeting of the Westchase CDD saw supervisors tackle pond bank erosion, park renovations and The Greens controversial, new speed bumps.

CDD Hires New Landscaping Company; Finalizes 2015 Budget

Convening on Aug. 25, Westchase CDD supervisors accepted a new bid for common area maintenance, allowing them to finalize their 2015 budget – and Westchase homeowners’ assessments. The session represented a continuation of the Westchase Community Development District’s (CDD) Aug. 5 public budget hearing. The additional meeting in August was scheduled to permit supervisors to finalize their landscaping bid process and incorporate actual rather than estimated maintenance costs into their 2015 spending plan.

CDD Supervisors Surprised By Landscape Bid Opening

After several meetings where Westchase CDD supervisors were warned their 2014 landscape bidding process would likely produce a significant increase in Westchase’s landscaping costs, the district’s Aug. 11 bid opening held one surprise.

CDD Board Hears Resident Input on Proposed Budget

The Aug. 5 meeting of the Westchase CDD saw supervisors hold their annual public hearing for their 2015 budget. Westchase Community Development District (CDD) Chairman Mark Ragusa cautioned residents who attended the public hearing that the published budget – both mailed to residents and printed in WOW – was a county-required, preliminary TRIM notice budget. “The CDD’s budget is set high initially because we have to publish it through the county office,” Ragusa explained. “The TRIM notice budget cannot be increased and therefore it is always higher than the one that ends up being approved.”

Significant Rise in Westchase Homeowners’ CDD Assessment Seems Likely

With the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) one month from their Aug. 5 public budget hearing, the latest draft of the district’s spending plan still points to a significant increase in homeowners’ operations and maintenance assessment.

CDD Prepares for Landscape Bid

With district’s budget preparation season in full force, Westchase CDD Supervisors discussed bidding out their landscaping contract at their June meeting. Their current contractor, Mainscapes, has indicated it will not renew its current three-year contract for an additional year at no increase, triggering the bid process.

CDD Addresses Park Trespassers and Draft Budget

At their May 6 meeting supervisors took a closer look at teen trespassing in Baybridge Park and their blueprint for spending in the upcoming fiscal year. Addressing problems at Baybridge Park were nearby homeowners Scott Dudley and Lisette Falkner. “We have problems in the park,” stated Dudley, who added that issues with loitering teens beyond the park’s dusk closing hours have been ongoing for a year.

CDD to Tackle New Landscaping Bid and Playground Equipment

At their April 1 meeting Westchase CDD Supervisors faced news of two potential big-ticket items in their coming fiscal year – and it was no joke. At the meeting, which saw the earliest discussions about the district’s new budget (beginning in October), supervisors on the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) continued discussions on bringing their playgrounds into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Their landscaping contractor, Mainscape, also made clear it was not interested in continuing its contract for an additional year at no increase. That news triggered preparations for bidding out the district’s biggest contract.

CDD Addresses Parks and Landscaping Contract Discussions

At their March 4 meeting Westchase Community Development District (CDD) Supervisors addressed parks, possible uses of newly acquired piece of land and the status of their landscaping contract in the coming year. The roughly 90-minute session began with CDD Engineer Tonja Stewart of Stantec addressing a recent audit of the district’s parks.

Greens and Stonebridge Roads Slated for Resurfacing in 2014

Outside of an informal decision to resurface two gated neighborhoods’ roads, the 45 minute meeting of the Westchase CDD saw supervisors largely following up on old agenda items. Westchase Community Development District (CDD) Engineer Tonja Stewart opened the Feb. 4 meeting by stating she had recently visited both The Greens and Stonebridge, two gated communities whose roads are slated for resurfacing this year. “It does appear they can be milled and surfaced this year,” she said, suggesting that their current condition warranted the work.

CDD Addresses Castleford Shortcut

A dispute between Castleford neighbors presented Westchase Community Development District (CDD) supervisors the daunting challenge of playing King Solomon at the district’s first board meeting of the year. Yet when the neighbors declined to find an amicable compromise, supervisors elected to impose their preferred solution.

CDD Supervisors Revisit Old Agenda Items

The last Westchase CDD meeting of 2013 offered little in the way of new business for supervisors. Instead the meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) found supervisors reworking or reviewing old agenda items from recent months. These included district employee benefits, proposed drainage and road resurfacing for Saville Rowe, issues related to a West Park Village sump and an inspection of CDD park assets to determine their compliance with recent changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

CDD to Tackle Saville Rowe Road Repaving and Drainage Issue

Six Boy Scouts and two adult leaders of Troop 46 observed the Nov. 5 meeting of the Westchase CDD. The likely takeaway? Good government involves a lot of unglamorous housekeeping.

CDD Purchases 5.5 Acre Parcel

Perhaps resolving a long-standing source of potential litigation, the Westchase Community Development District purchased 5.5 acres east of The Bridges and northwest of The Vineyards in October. The decision represents the first time in Westchase CDD history they have purchased land to add to the district’s holdings.

CDD Approves WCA Movies in the Park on West Park Village Green

While discussions were wide-ranging in the 90-minute Sept. 10 Community Development District (CDD) meeting, most decisions were postponed for future meetings. Among the more significant decisions was directors’ approval of a WCA request to hold Movies in the Park October-December of 2013 as well as January-March and October-December of 2014. The approval, however, came with a requirement that all movies be shown in the West Park Village Town Center green on Montague Street instead of Baybridge Park.

Westchase CDD Finalizes 2014 Budget and Homeowner Assessments

The public forum to discuss the Westchase Community Development District’s (CDD) 2014 budget drew a single, silent resident on Tuesday, Aug. 6. With the forum for public comment opening and closing in a span of a single minute, supervisors made relatively quick work of finalizing the upcoming year’s spending plan, which they have parsed over recent months.

CDD Rehashes Budget, Splash Fountain and Nearby Development

In July supervisors of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) again saw their conversations dominated by a proposed budget draft, a West Park Village splash fountain and issues related to a parcel of undeveloped land lying east of Stonebridge.

CDD’s 2014 Draft Budget Recoups Incorrect 2013 Credit

Westchase Community Development District (CDD) supervisors are discussing a tentative spending plan that projects a 7.62 percent increase in operations and maintenance spending. The plan, which may see adjustments at the CDD's July and August meetings, is slated for final approval on Aug. 6.

CDD Supervisors Approve Harbor Links’ Streetlight Conversion; Stonebridge Homeowners Voice Concerns

The June 4 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) saw resolution of a years-long process to address a Westchase neighborhood’s leaking gas lights and attendance by a number of Stonebridge residents concerned over nearby developments that could significantly impact them.

CDD Supervisors Debate Funding for Capital Improvement Projects

Kicking off the heart of their 2014 budget season, Westchase CDD supervisors passed a tentative, high-watermark budget that will focus their discussion in upcoming months. The accepted tentative spending plan suggests that most homeowners may see operations and maintenance increases of about one to three percent this year.

CDD Begins Discussing Budget Wish Lists

During their April 2 meeting, Westchase Community Development District (CDD) supervisors discussed items they would like to see included in their upcoming 2014 budget, beginning Oct. 1. Manager Andrew Mendenhall informed the group that they must adopt a preliminary, high-water mark budget at their May meeting. That preliminary budget’s assessments will then be submitted to Hillsborough County for inclusion in property tax trim notices this fall.

CDD Again Declines Access to Adjacent Land Through Gated Stonebridge

The March 5 meeting of the Westchase CDD saw a bank that owns property at the back of Stonebridge again request that it be granted access to it through that gated neighborhood. Shelli Bushway, Vice President of Tiger Investment Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Florida Capital Bank, appealed to supervisors for access at the March session.

Despite Failed EPC Noise Test, CDD Approves Two New Movies in Park

At their Feb. 5 meeting, Westchase Community Development District supervisors addressed a handful of issues, from a proposed volleyball court and a kickball league to noise complaints about the Movies in the Park.

CDD Board Names Argus to Vacancy; Addresses Noise Complaints About Movies in the Park

The first CDD meeting of the new year saw a new but familiar face added to the CDD board. Meeting on Jan. 8, CDD supervisors interviewed two additional candidates for a vacancy created by the November resignation of Greens resident Ernie Sylvester. Interviewed by CDD supervisors were Kingsford’s Susan Edgerley and Radcliffe’s Keith Heinemann, both of whom had previously served as CDD supervisors prior to the October 2011 merger of the two Westchase boards. The two joined former CDD Supervisor Bob Argus and former Westchase Community Association (WCA) Director Joe Payne as potential candidates for the position.

CDD Supervisors Address Board Vacancy and Noise Complaint Against Movies in the Park

The final CDD meeting of 2012 saw the acceptance of CDD Supervisor Ernie Sylvester’s resignation and a board that deadlocked on his replacement. The meeting also saw supervisors again address a Stamford's resident's demand that the Westchase Community Association's (WCA) popular Movies in the Park, held in Baybridge Park, be ended there because of its noise levels.

Landlocked Landowner Demands Access through Stonebridge; CDD Supervisor Sylvester Delays Resignation

The Nov. 13 meeting of the Community Development District (CDD) brought news of a temporarily rescinded resignation and a bank’s demand that it be allowed to access property through the gated community of Stonebridge.

Routine Administrative Tasks the Focus of October CDD Meeting

A remarkably brief 45-minute meeting of the Community Development District (CDD) on Oct. 2 dealt largely with housekeeping and old business. Only three residents of the district were present, including two candidates vying for retiring Supervisor Bill Casale’s seat in November’s General Election.

CDD Acknowledges Error Made in 2013 Assessments for Some Westchase Homes

Westchase street flooding, the WCA’s use of a drainage canal and incorrect CDD assessments were major topics tackled by CDD supervisors at their Sept. 11 meeting.

CDD Passes 2013 Budget With Reduction in Assessments

The Aug. 8 meeting of the Westchase CDD saw the passage of a budget that reflects no assessment increases and envisions no major capital improvement projects in the coming year. The only resident appearing to address supervisors on spending issues was Bennington VM David Love. Love’s neighborhood is currently working to update its Westchase Community Association (WCA) mailbox guideline as part of a process that will see the neighborhood’s white mailboxes replaced with black metal ones – similar to those in Harbor Links/The Estates, West Park Village and Radcliffe.

CDD Working With County to Address Street Flooding; County to Make Fix to West Park Alley

Gathering on July 17 to reconvene a meeting continued from Tuesday, July 10, supervisors of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) continued discussions about a West Park Village alley depression and street flooding in West Park Village and Harbor Links.

CDD Addresses Street Flooding and West Park Village Alley Depression

A depression appearing in a West Park Village alley has been caused by a damaged, 42-inch storm sewer pipe running beneath the road surface.

The topics tackled of the July 10 meeting of the Westchase CDD seemed highly appropriate given that one of the most powerful thunderstorms of the summer raged throughout it.

CDD Addresses West Park Flooding and Alley Repaving

While their nearly three hour June meeting saw nearly a dozen different topics of discussion, Westchase CDD supervisors used the session to nudge forward several old agenda items rather than tackle new ones.

Westchase Soccer Wins New Season at Glencliff Park With No Schedule Changes

Three months of debate regarding the Westchase Soccer Association’s impact on parking within Glencliff came to a close at the May 1 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD). After hearing nearly two hours of discussion from residents and supervisors on both sides of the issue, CDD supervisors voted 4-1, with Supervisor Bill Casale in opposition, to renew the soccer association's exclusive right to use Glencliff Park fields for its 11-week fall season. The four hour meeting also saw supervisors adopt a preliminary budget for 2013 to establish a high water mark for county property tax notices.

CDD Supervisors Irked by Cost of Irrigation Fixes

Banking, irrigation and holiday bonuses were the topics of discussion at the Dec. 6 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD). Opening the meeting with an overview of their banking services, a trio of officers from Jefferson Bank made a pitch to the supervisors for the district’s banking business. Currently with SunTrust, the CDD in recent months has explored other banks in an effort to lower fees.

CDD Meeting Notes, Nov. 2011: CDD Supervisors Hear Pitch on Cell Tower Alternative

At their November meeting CDD supervisors expressed interest in exploring a Distributed Antennae System, which would alleviate the need for a cell phone tower within Westchase.