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12 Westchase Subdivisions to Have Roads Repaved

Between the end of January and mid-summer, 12 Westchase neighborhoods as well as Countryway Boulevard will see long awaited road repaving.

Appearing at the January Westchase Voting Members (VMs) meeting, Hillsborough County’s David Vogel announced that $1.2 million in repaving would commence in January.

The work will see resurfacing of the roads in every Westchase village off Countryway Boulevard except gated Harbor Links/The Estates, whose roads were repaved in recent years by the Westchase Community Development District, which owns and maintains them. Also excluded are roads in Berkeley Square and The Enclave, which are owned by their homeowners associations.

In addition, the county will repave all roads in Radcliffe and within two subdivisions of The Bridges, Wakesbridge and Baybridge.

Prior to repaving, the county will complete storm drain repairs in portions of The Bridges, Radcliffe and Woodbay. The work will involve tearing up portions of particular roads for up to two weeks to replace damaged storm water inlets and pipes.

According to Vogel, repaving will be done in the following order: The Shires, Keswick Forest, Glenfield, Bennington and Wycliff will consist of Phase 1, scheduled to be completed by June of 2018. 

Curb restoration, sidewalk replacement and resurfacing will begin in February and run through April in Radcliffe and Baybridge. Work in Woodbay will begin in May and run through July.

Vogel cautioned VMs that the work will involve heavy equipment and it will be noisy. Unless weather plays a factor, work will occur between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. When repaving work begins, residents are asked to turn off lawn sprinkler until it is completed as crews cannot pave wet surfaces.

Homeowners and their guests should observe all posted parking restrictions in anticipation of the work to avoid seeing vehicles towed.

Vogel also estimated that repaving of the very bumpy and potholed section of Countryway Boulevard between Linebaugh Avenue and Race Track Road is currently estimated to begin in July.

Villages to See Repaving

Keswick Forest

By Chris Barrett, Publisher, and Brenda Bennett


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