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Alonso’s Homecoming Week Kicks Off Oct. 8

Alonso’s homecoming week figures to be a highlight for students and parents alike.

It comes complete with a daily spirit theme, the welcoming of alumni, a football game, the crowning of a king and queen and an elegant dance/social.

“In my opinion, homecoming is not only an American tradition, but also a rite of passage,” Alonso principal Kenneth Hart said. “A lot of things have changed in our world. But high school is still high school—whether it’s in Florida, New Jersey or California—and these are the traditions worth celebrating and preserving.’’

The week is centered around the Oct. 12 home football game against Palm Harbor University, then the Oct. 13 dance/social at Steinbrenner Field, which features the theme of “Peter Pan: Finding Neverland.’’

But it’s so much more.

“Homecoming is for everyone who was once a Raven, who is currently a Raven or would one day be a Raven,” said Alonso psychology/world history teacher Elizabeth Osborn, the advisor for student government, which coordinates Homecoming. “It’s for anyone and everyone who wants to be included and wants to show their personality in conjunction with school spirit and the school culture.”

Or as Hart put it: “It’s an opportunity for the kids to take ownership of their school and we love to see that.”

The Homecoming festivities begin on Monday, Oct. 8 with the daily spirit days. Here’s the schedule:

Monday, Oct. 8: Meme Monday Dress up as your favorite Meme (no masks).

Tuesday, Oct. 9: Thru the Ages Tuesday Each grade dresses up as a different age (freshmen as babies, sophomores as toddlers, juniors as parents, seniors as grandparents and teachers as students).

Wednesday, Oct. 10: Walt Disney Wednesday Dress up as your favorite character from a Disney movie or television show.

Thursday, Oct. 11: Time Travel Thursday Pick a decade from the past or flash to dress up as the future.

Friday, Oct. 12: Spirit Day Friday Dress up as your class color (freshmen in white, sophomores in silver, juniors in gold and seniors in navy).

Then there’s the Oct. 12 football game between Alonso and PHU.

Osborn said an alumni tent will be available for former Ravens to enjoy food and drinks, while signing some banners. Each alumnus will be given an “A,” upon which they can write their name and graduation year.

Meanwhile, the Homecoming court of 32 students (four boys and four girls from each class) will be unveiled at halftime, when Alonso’s Homecoming king and queen (voted upon by students) will be announced.

On Oct. 13, the dance/social will be held. The “Finding Neverland” theme, with students handling the execution of all thematic ideas, will be reflected in the event’s decor.

Dance/social tickets ($40 per person) are on sale during Alonso’s three lunch periods through Oct. 3 (there could be availability after that as well). All proceeds go to the school government and excess funds will be used for school projects.

“We always remind everyone that the dance, along with all of the Homecoming activities, is a school-sponsored event and we expect the same behavior as they would have in school,” Hart said. “We want everyone to have fun, certainly, but we want everything to be safe, everyone to be included and the whole week should reflect the values we all have as Alonso Ravens.

“We’d like it to be the type of week that brings out the best in each of our students.”

That’s the idea, Osborn said.

“I’m an Alonso graduate (class of 2009) myself and I think the Homecoming week still carries the same level of excitement and importance,” Osborn said. “We try to create a series of events that are relevant to the students. We want it to be special and memorable.

“At the end of the week, we want it to be all about the memories the students have created. It’s the kind of things where you can make great memories and support your school at the same time.”

By Joey Johnston


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