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CDD Meeting Addresses County Sewer Project and Kingsford Complaints

The Jan. 9 meeting of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) saw supervisors tackle a number of projects in addition to their potential purchase of the Westchase golf course.

“As we can see this evening, we have residents with things on their minds,” said CDD Chair Jim Mills.

To handle the crowd of at least 75 folks attending the meeting to address various topics, Mills stated he had divided the agenda into three parts and residents wishing to address each one would be permitted in for that portion of the meeting until the room reached capacity.

With the golf course discussion third on the list (WOW’s coverage of the golf course appears here), supervisors first heard from Hillsborough County staff members about the current Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant’s expansion. That project, which will be detailed in February’s WOW, will affect the Linebaugh/Sheldon intersection for roughly five months. “The idea is to start in May and finish in September,” Bill Harrington of Hillsborough County Public Utilities said of the intersection work.

In order to both bore new sewer lines and a new reclaimed water line beneath the intersection, lanes in each direction will be altered in five stages of 30 days each. In all cases, two through lanes will be maintained and there will be a dedicated left turn lane. Right turns will still be permitted but, in some cases, a dedicated right turn lane would temporarily not exist. Speaking to supervisors, Harrington also stated that while pipe installation along Sheldon Road north of Westchase would be done by open trenches (the cause of the recent removal of oaks in the Sheldon median outside of Fawn Ridge), the installation of a new reclaimed water line down Westchase’s median from Sheldon Road to the entrance of Westchase Elementary would be accomplished by underground directional boring, approximately 20 feet beneath existing landscaping. “There will not be open excavation,” he said. “It will be under the median.”

Harrington added, “Where we cause damage, of course, we have to restore it.”

Supervisors thanked the county representatives and turned to their second agenda item, which saw ten residents in the room from Kingsford. Joining them were Government Affairs Committee (GAC) member Joe Odda and GAC Chair Rick Goldstein.

Kingsford’s Derek Rotolo, who lives near the intersection of Kingsbridge Avenue and Montague Street near Davidsen Middle School, read a lengthy petition signed by dozens of Kingsford residents. It complained that CDD Supervisor Barbara Griffith, who was absent from the meeting, had contacted Hillsborough County as a CDD supervisor and requested the county remove the traffic control barrier that permits only a right turn from Kingbridge onto Montague and prevents any Montague traffic from entering Kingsbridge Avenue. The petition expressed support for keeping the traffic barrier, stated that the Westchase Community Association (WCA) represented the voice of Westchase and requested that supervisors direct Griffith to cease and desist from representing her personal causes under the guise of the Westchase CDD.

Kingsford’s Brian Bobrovetski also voiced support for keeping the traffic barriers. “I don’t want it turned into another Countryway or another autobahn,” he said.

Describing the impact that Davidsen Middle School traffic already has on the neighborhood, Bobrovetski added, “We don’t need to make it a through street and add to the chaos.”

GAC Chair Goldstein, who successfully requested that the WCA Board remove Griffith from the GAC in December, stated, “Westchase speaks with one voice. That voice is the WCA.”

CDD Chair Jim Mills told residents that he was a former Kingsford resident who spearheaded the installation of the traffic control device 15 years prior to deal with the impact that Davidsen’s opening had on the neighborhood. He stated that only the same region of Kingsford could successfully request the traffic control device’s removal. He concluded, referencing District Manager Andy Mendenhall, “I will ask Andy to have a conversation with Ms. Griffith.”

WOW reached out to Griffith for comment but she stated she was departing for travel out of state and would be unavailable to discuss the matter until next week. “There are a lot of moving parts here,” she wrote.

Supervisors then turned to discussion of the potential Westchase Golf Course purchase, which WOW has covered here.

At their January meeting supervisors also heard from CDD Engineer Tonya Stewart, who stated M/I Homes had still not completed paperwork to transfer permits and actual ownership of the large lake between West Lake Townhomes, Stonebridge and east side of Sturbridge. She stated time was short before the association transferred over to resident control in March. CDD Attorney Erin McCormick, however, stated that it was unlikely the transfer could successfully happen in the time before its residents gain control of that association.

Supervisors also briefly discussed Stewart’s recommendation that the board members approve Best Management Practices for aquatics management and communicate them to A & B Aquatics, their aquatics management company. She also recommended incorporating them into the district’s contract with the company. Supervisors directed Stewart to proceed with developing the guidelines.

Making her report, CDD Attorney Erin McCormick stated she had spoken to Dynamo Canada, the company who installed the Glencliff playground. She stated a representative would visit Westchase to examine and honor a playground surface warranty claim and discuss the potential addition of a small slide to the Glencliff playground.

Supervisors also voted 4-0 to approve the Westchase Soccer Association’s use of Glencliff Park fields for their spring and fall seasons, running March 3-May 19 and Sept. 8 to Nov. 17.

Supervisors also passed a motion authorizing Field Supervisor Doug Mays to hire Windows Depot install new windows and doors to the Greens guardhouse for $14,782.

Mays also stated he had obtained bids for two permanent shade canopies, each measuring 8’ x 20’, for the far side of Glencliff Park’s soccer field at a cost of $16,318. The project was recommended last month by Supervisor Griffith to offer shade for soccer teams of the Westchase Soccer Association. Supervisor Lewis offered to inquire with the Westchase Soccer Association to determine if they were in support of the installation of the shade structures. CDD Supervisor Brian Ross asked if staff planned to check if Glencliff residents had any objections, but Field Supervisor Doug Mays assured those present that if there was Glencliff opposition, staff would receive feedback once residents read the district’s meeting coverage in WOW.

Director Ross asked his fellow supervisors if there was a board willingness to convey their unhappiness with Davey, their landscaper, and OLM, their landscape reviewer, for failure to maintain a proper appearance of hedges in parks and along Linebaugh and Countryway. Supervisors concurred. Field Manager Mays added that after Davey heard of Ross’ concerns from him, Davey replaced about 30 hedges that had died due to its failure to maintain the irrigation systems in the areas.

CDD Office Manager Sonny Whyte stated that the county had agreed to provide new signage for West Park Village and she was currently seeking bids for new sign poles for West Park Village, which uses specialty fixtures. She stated she would likely have bids by the district’s Feb. 6 meeting, which will be held at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center instead of its usual venue, the WCA office building on Parley Drive.

Mills added that supervisors needed to keep their eye on the calendar in preparation for bidding out the district’s landscaping contract for the new budget year, which begins in October. That bid preparation and acquisition process usually takes about six months.

Supervisor Ross concluded the meeting by stating the day after Christmas he walked out of his West Park Village home to see multiple neighbors and their children playing in the park across from his house. Calling it a “great advertisement for Westchase,” Ross added, I just want to tell you guys we live in a great community.”

Supervisors adjourned at 7:27 p.m.

By Chris Barrett, Publisher

Posted Jan. 11, 2018


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