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CDD Working With County to Address Street Flooding; County to Make Fix to West Park Alley

Gathering on July 17 to reconvene a meeting continued from Tuesday, July 10, supervisors of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) continued discussions about a West Park Village alley depression and street flooding in West Park Village and Harbor Links.

At the original July 10 meeting, supervisors learned that a depression had opened in an alley south Brompton Drive between Montague Street and Tate Lane in West Park Village. Still waiting on results of a geotechnical survey and wanting to clarify Hillsborough County’s requests for assistance in addressing the situation, supervisors had continued their meeting to the morning of July 17.

Reconvening to hear a report from CDD Attorney Erin McCormick, supervisors learned that the county was proceeding with repairs and would not require any assistance from the district. A geotechnical survey released after the July 10 meeting made clear that the cause of the alley’s significant damage is a leaking storm sewer pipe, located approximately 18 feet beneath the road. According to McCormick, the county has begun repairs in hopes of minimizing further damage.

CDD Engineer Tonja Stewart, Field Supervisor Doug Mays and Office Administrator Sonny Whyte added that the county had installed a series of pumps to reroute storm water in West Park Village around the damaged, shut-down pipe. Stewart, however, stated that street drainage in some areas of the community may be affected until repairs are complete and the pipe is again functioning. Hillsborough County Water Department has also announced that it would reduce pressure in Westchase’s reclaimed water system to reduce potential damage to a significant reclaimed water main that runs through the alley depression. Thus, some areas of Westchase may see reduced or no pressure in the reclaimed water system until repairs are complete.

Subsequent to the meeting, Whyte stated county staff had asked that nearby residents near the West Park Village alley be made aware that traffic patterns and street access may be affected by work and the county’s need to move heavy equipment into the site.

Also addressing areas that have experienced street flooding after recent local rains, Whyte stated that the county was completing its testing of the entire West Park Village storm water system. Recent investigations have entailed shutting down portions of the system to send cameras into the pipes to determine if any are blocked. This may have led to further street flooding in West Park Village in recent weeks. Whyte stated that the county was preparing to reopen the entire system and expressed hope West Park Village residents would see better storm water drainage. In recent weeks, the county has undertaken extensive work widening drainage channels south of West Park Village to enhance storm water outflow.

Addressing street flooding at the intersection of Marblehead Drive and Greymoor Place in Harbor Links/The Estates, Stewart attributed the slow draining of storm water to a small, insufficient curb inlet. After she advised it could be opened further to improve drainage, supervisors unanimously passed a motion to proceed with the work. (While the county owns and maintains storm water systems in non-gated Westchase neighborhoods, the CDD owns and maintains the storm water system within gated communities such as Harbor Links; homeowners within gated neighborhoods annually pay additional CDD assessments for the maintenance work.)

Stewart and Mays stated they were also addressing backyard flooding in portions of Harbor Links but stated their ability to improve the situation rested on the cooperation of the Westchase Golf Course. Portions of Westchase’s storm water system empty into the golf course’s retention ponds but the Westchase Golf Course has refused to sign a maintenance agreement with the district to allow the CDD to address issues within the golf course’s boundaries. While Stewart stated drainage in the backyards was still within the Harbor Links system’s operational parameters, drainage there would be enhanced if the district could get the golf course cooperation in addressing some outflow issues.

Whyte stated that district staff would meet with the course manager to address the matter that afternoon. At supervisors’ request, CDD Attorney Erin McCormick also committed to contacting the golf course’s representatives to clarify and resolve issues they may have with the maintenance agreement in hopes of moving finding a solution.

Concluding the meeting, CDD staff committed to putting together a memo that addresses all current work within the district to address street flooding. Residents who are experiencing flooding of streets or yards are encouraged to contact the district at 920-4268 or


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