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Davidsen Deputy’s Horrifying Story Captured in Movie

Hillsborough County Master Deputy Lisa Nolan works every day to keep the students at Davidsen Middle School safe, but her career was sparked by her run-in with a serial killer.

In her two years as the school’s community resource officer, she’s become a well loved and respected member of the community. This fall The Lifetime Movie Network aired a movie about a horrific time in her life that she says was one of factors that made her decide to go into law enforcement. Believe Me: The Lisa McVey Story follows the events surrounding Nolan’s kidnapping when she was a teenager by a serial killer. It relates how she not only survived but was able to help police catch her kidnapper, Robert Joe Long, who later pleaded guilty to the kidnapping and to murdering eight women.

“The deciding factor in becoming a police officer was not only being a victim of a notorious serial killer but I fell prey to childhood abuse, physical, mental, emotional and sexual beginning at the age of 2. I was in and out of foster homes from the ages of 2 to 7 . . . My mother was abusive, alcoholic and a drug addict.  My childhood was horrendous, with living on the streets of Tampa, to living in cars and shelters . . . I vowed after my abduction and my childhood abuse, I would go into a field to help children, thus the only career I could think of was Law Enforcement,” said Nolan. “I have been with HCSO now for 19 years and still love my job. Before that, I was in the County’s Parks and Recreation Department for 5 years working with children. I will soon be celebrating my 25th year with the county.”

Nolan worked as the Producer Consultant on the movie and was on set in Canada for four days during filming to provide input and advice. She was able to have a screening of the movie for friends and family at the Villagio Theatre, where Long was arrested. “I’d like to call that poetic justice,” said Nolan.

Believe Me: The Lisa McVey Story can be purchased on Amazon and is available On Demand through some local cable services.

By Marcy Sanford


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