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Decorating Contest Winners Light Up Visitors’ Holidays

Nostalgia and music certainly seemed to be “hook” to land residents in the top three slots for the 2018 Holiday Decorating Contest. 

While the majority of the names on the 2018 winners’ list are familiar, their displays delighted judges and neighbors alike. 

For the third year in a row, Best Neighborhood for Westchase again went to Woodbay—Bristol Commons Circle.  Residents Robert Franceskino and Daniel Good took to the streets to adorn the trees along the street with red ribbons.  They also scaled ladders to string lights from tree to tree, crossing back and forth over Bristol Commons Circle, to illuminate the drive through their neighborhood.  “We started in November with the lights,” shared Good.  They even added lights to a nearby vacant home currently up for sale.  “We did get permission from the owner for that but we wanted to include it while we were out there stringing lights!” 

Their holiday enthusiasm for decorating has become infectious to other neighbors.  Good shared this is the first year that every home on their side of the street decorated their home with lights.  “We’re seeing more and more homes participate each year and it’s just so fun to be part of all this with our neighbors,” said Franceskino.

Good and Franceskino, last years’ second place winners and first place the year prior,  were also honored to be awarded first place for the individual residence category for 2018.  Their home at 12428 Bristol Commons Circle featured nostalgic toy soldiers, painted wooden displays and other illuminated decorations adorning the house and lawn.  Santa and his reindeer sit on the rooftop.  Franceskino’s mother even flew in from Connecticut this year to see the display that has landed the couple on the top three list for several years now.  

Second place for individual winners goes to the Sanacore family at 10451 Green Links Drive in Village Green.  Their Christmas Tree Lot display features a lighted tent complete with several fresh cut trees, a hay bale bench for photo opportunities and a large painted wooden camper display.  Mom, Summer, is the mastermind behind the creation and gets lots of help from husband Dennis and children Sawyer and Brady. 

Third place for the second year in a row goes to the Moyer family at 10201 Bennington Drive.  As residents of West Park Village last year, the Moyers moved all their holiday decorations with them as they moved to Bennington Drive.  Their display features a dancing Santa and large wooden sleigh loaded with lighted gifts.

Best Neighborhood for the WOW Northwest neighborhoods goes once again to Mandolin Estates.  Residents Pablo Smith and Jeff Mauldin work tirelessly for many hours to create the joint display that has landed the neighborhood as the top neighborhood winner for two years now.  Their display also nabbed them top honors as a first place tie for their homes at 11307 and 11305 Minaret Drive.  Their light display is also set to music.  As drivers approach the display they can watch lights dance to the music once they tune in to the station 88.7. Each year, the neighboring friends discuss how to top the previous year.  The additions this year include live plants and the addition of more colored lights. 

Smith estimated at least 80 hours goes into putting the display together each evening after work and on Saturdays for several weeks.  Their “reveal” party includes 75 to 100 neighbors gathering to enjoy hot chocolate and a movie shown against the garage door in the driveway. 

Second place for the Northwest section goes to Bryan and Emmanuelle O’Lavin of 11323 Minaret Drive.  Their lighted display is also set to music at station 88.3. 

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks for making our communities such a sight to see during this holiday season!  The full list of winners and honorable mentions is as follows:

Decorating Contest Winners


First Place: Robert Franceskino and Daniel Good
12428 Bristol Commons Circle

Second Place: The Sanacore Family
10451 Green Links Dr.
Village Green

Third Place: The Moyer Family
10201 Bennington Drive

Best Neighborhood Award:
Woodbay: Bristol Commons Circle

Westchase Honorable Mentions

10316 Springrose Drive (Glenfield)
9946 Stockbridge Dr. (The Bridges)
10441 Lightner Bridge Dr. (The Bridges)
10011 Bridgeton Dr. (The Bridges)
10709 Sierra Vista Pl. (The Vineyards)
10416 Snowden Pl (Chelmsford)
12014 Wandsworth Dr. (Radcliffe)
12120 Clear Harbor Dr. (Harbor Links/The Estates)
12123 Clear Harbor Dr. (Harbor Links/The Estates)
9807 Emerald Links Dr. (Harbor Links/The Estates)
10743 Ayrshire Dr. (The Shires)

WOW Northwest Winners

First Place: Pablo Smith and Jeff Mauldin
11307 and 11305 Minaret Dr.
Mandolin Estates

Second Place: The O’Lavin Family
11323 Minaret Dr.
Mandolin Estates

Best Neighborhood Award:
Mandolin Estates

By Lisa Stephens

Published Dec. 13, 2018


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