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From the President, April 2018: Late Assessments Trigger Legal Action and Fees

Unfortunately this year we have had an unusually high number of delinquent annual assessment payers.

Approximately 270 out of 3,512 members of the association (or seven percent of the total) have not paid their annual assessments. These assessments are now on their way to our attorney for collection. I implore you. If you fall into this non-payer category, please remit your payment as soon as possible. You are now subject to the late fee, plus interest, plus attorney’s fees.

The worst part is that attorney’s fees tend to rack up pretty quickly. In a very nominal amount of time, your $275 annual assessment could multiply by five or ten times that number! And sadly I’ve seen that happen. So please pay your invoice immediately. As I have said many times before in previous articles, it drives me insane when I (as president) have to sign off on legal authorization to collect HOA dues. There is absolutely no reason that a $275 annual assessment should accumulate thousands of additional dollars in legal fees. But unfortunately it happens. And it leaves me dumbfounded every time I see it happen. Please don’t let this happen to you.

This is also that time of the year when we solicit feedback regarding updating our deed restrictions and guidelines. During this feedback season we collect suggestions for amendments, edits, updates or fixes to our existing documents. We flesh out the suggestions and take them to a community-wide vote. So if you have any suggestions for deed restriction or guideline updates, please send them directly to your voting member (VM). Your voting member will then collaborate with the other voting members to ascertain your suggestion’s feasibility and oversee its possible inclusion in our rules amendments.

Also in a very short four months from now we will be sitting down to discuss next year’s annual budget for the association. If you have any ideas that you’d like to see implemented at our facilities, now is a good time to gather them up and submit them to your voting member for consideration by the voting members assembly.

Last, you may have noticed a great deal of construction and renewal activity in and around Westchase lately. That’s not by accident. We have many Westchase volunteers to thank for all of this activity around us – people who currently serve on boards and committees as well as people who have served on past boards and committees. Westchase has been very well served by a multitude of dedicated, talented, motivated and effective volunteers.

Thank you to all of you who have made all of these achievements possible. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for reading. I can always be reached via email at Feel free to send me your thoughts and suggestions on any matter or subject relating to Westchase. I’m always on email, so I typically respond to emails within hours.

By Ruben Collazo, WCA President


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