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From the President, January 2015: Resolutions, Assessments and Violations

Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions.

OK, this year I will lose all those extra pounds and will exercise (My doctor is a resident of Westchase and will say, “Yeah, right.”). I’ll eat right and be a better father, husband and person, etc.

Listen to yourself when you know you are saying the right things.

I sadly need to listen better to the little voice on my shoulder, the one with the guy dressed in white, not the one in red and black.

Our community offers incredible facilities and activities. For swimming we have two half-size Olympic pools and 10 tennis courts. We offer free use of all of them and very affordable quality programs and lessons. All of this costs only $319 a year. What a bargain!

Still we have residents who decide not to pay this little amount. At the end of the first year of non-payment, you could be on the hook for over $1,000. If you have any problems paying this amount or if you have not received the bill, contact our management office and we will help you. Please don’t ignore it. 

Many Westchase Voting Members and Westchase Community Association (WCA) Directors have been asking for more strict inspections within our community. During the past year we have been increasing violations and some months we have issued between 400 and 600. Among them are dirty driveways and sidewalks, discolored mailboxes, discolored homes, dirty and/or discolored roofs, weeds, other landscape issues, and more. 

Our community is over 20-years-old and it looks incredible because we keep up our properties. If you receive a violation, it is not personal. Our management team is doing their job. If you need to talk with them and ask extra time or to tell them you already took care of it, please call the office. They are friendly and eager to help. There is no need to let it get to the Covenants Committee process to act.

Trust me. Our management team is friendly and loves to help our residents.

Have a great year!

By Joaquin Arrillaga


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