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From the President, March 2018: Spring Cleaning to Avoid the Most Common Violations

Hello Westchasers!  It’s that time of the year for spring cleaning. 

And every year hundreds of us are out on the weekends cleaning, planting, power washing and baking in the springtime sun.  Unfortunately some of us procrastinate and then receive the friendly reminders in the form a violation letter.

So I thought that I would help us preempt those violation notices by listing the “top ten + one” violations in Westchase’s association.  This is not a comprehensive list of all the possible violations.  But it is a table of the most frequently cited items.

They are in order:

1. Dirty walkway/sidewalk/driveway
2. Weeds in lawn
3. Dead sod
4. No mulch in landscape beds
5. Failure to have two rows of plantings under front window
6. Failure to have a solid row of plants along side of home facing street if on a corner lot
7. Cars parked in the street/on the sidewalk/on the grass
8. The parking of prohibited vehicles like commercial vehicles/boats, jet skis/RVs, etc.
9. Mildew on home
10. Failure to obtain Modification Committee approval for exterior changes
11. Basketball hoops left out over night

While I’m discussing violation notices, I should note that violation notices are not fines, tickets or nastygrams.  They are friendly reminders.  So please don’t get offended when you receive one.   Please don’t call our office and yell at our management team.  We all get these notices.  Even I have received a violation notice.  Our staff is just doing the job that we, the homeowners of Westchase, have hired them to do.

The proper thing to do when you receive a violation notice is to correct the violation. Please politely communicate with our office if you have questions and need clarification about the guideline in question.  Our helpful staff is very good at guiding homeowners towards the correct and appropriate resolution.

Last, I will add the following.  It takes many months of willful disregard of violation notices to receive a fine.  So if you’ve gotten to the point of a fine, it’s because you’ve been inattentive to the mail and procrastinating in your chores.  Information about our violation notice procedures and practices can be found at

Lots of WCA members have been sending me their opinions about the golf course purchase.  Please continue to do so.  I do share your emails with our CDD supervisors.  Please also note that I have a new phone number.  It is (813) 235-0565.  Thanks for reading.  See you again next month.

By Ruben Collazo, WCA President


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