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From the President, November 2017: WCA Board Names Good Neighbor Award Winner

The WCA’s Nathan Lafer Good Neighbor Award recognizes the Westchaser who exhibits a great spirit of volunteerism and commitment to community service.

In short it honors residents who help make Westchase the great place it is to live.

It is my great honor to announce that this year’s award recipient is none other than Joseph Odda of Stockbridge. Joe is responsible for the creation of the dog park at the transportation center on Sheldon Road. His leadership also brought the Citrus Park Drive extension project to fruition. (The Citrus Park Drive extension is scheduled to break ground in early 2018). Last but not least, Joe is the man who makes the repaving of our streets possible. That project is scheduled to begin this month in parts of Westchase.

Joe has given generously and faithfully of his time, his talent and his own money to benefit the greater Westchase community. He is a true friend of Westchase and is truly deserving of this award and all the accolades and praise that go with it. Thank you, Joe, for all that you do, have done and continue to do on behalf of Westchase.

In other news I am thrilled to tell you what a fantastic board we have in place this year. Last year’s board was awesome. But this year’s board is especially spectacular. Each of us brings a wealth of knowledge, amazing life experiences and professional accomplishments to their roles of director.

Moreover, the addition of Ashley Wait has been a real catch for us. Not only is it good to have a woman on the board again, Ashley is also super qualified and motivated. And she is also thirty-something – or about the same age we veterans were when we got involved in the homeowners’ association back in the day. I hope that this signals a new trend. Because we do need the next generation of community leaders to step up and play their role in the future governance of Westchase. Thanks, Ashley!

Now a word about modifications. As you all know, modifications to your yard and the exterior of your home require prior approval before they are built and/or installed. We’ve recently experienced a rash of residents building denied and unapproved modifications. Much to their disappointment, these homeowners have discovered that there is little tolerance for these infractions of our guidelines. The legal costs alone have been painful, not to mention the emotional tumult these owners face when having to deal with the consequences of these unapproved modifications.

If you are seeking approval for a modification and have been denied, please work with our office. It is very possible that they can offer you alternative solutions that comply with our existing guidelines. We do it all the time, so please ask for help. It’s what we’re here for.

Thanks for reading!

By Ruben Collazo, WCA President


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