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From the President, Sept. 2015: Swim and Tennis Committee Poll Needs Residents’ Input

I want to start giving a big thank you to Ken Blair and Dyan Pithers for their many years volunteering as part of the Westchase Community Association (WCA) Board of Directors.

I also thank all the Westchase Voting Members (VMs) and board members for giving me the opportunity to work for Westchase another year. I have enjoyed all of my service. Counting the current one, this year marks my seventh with the board.
I also want to recognize all candidates who put their names on the ballot and the two newly elected members of the WCA Board of Directors, Rick Goldstein and Brittany Riefler. 

We are having a great year with the completion of the expansion of our Swim and Tennis facilities here in Westchase. The courts have never looked this good. Now with the new building at our Countryway Boulevard facilities, they are better than ever. I offer my thanks to all who were involved during the planning and construction phases of this project.

Some new ideas has been growing for a forgotten parcel of land owned by the WCA and you. We are currently considering the development of a piece of land adjacent to Tennis Courts 1-2 at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center and the fire house. This area was originally intended for use as a picnic area. The Boys Scouts used it to do outdoor camping about 20 years ago. Now the Westchase Camp uses it daily to take the kids outside and play. It is wooded but has areas of undergrowth that have been cleared to accommodate the kids. Some of the original picnic tables and benches remain in the area.

The Board has been considering many uses for this parcel. After presenting them to the VMs, directors decided to ask for more input from the community. That is the reason for the poll on the homepage of We ar.e asking for your opinion on what you want to see in the area. VMs have suggested many great ideas, but they want to keep the area wooded. Some options have been placed on the poll on WOW Online. Please visit the site and take a moment to share your opinions and your ideas with us.

Remember to volunteer. If you would like to do this in Westchase, please call our management office at 926-6404. If it is with another entity, make that call as we all need to contribute to our society.

Thank you again.

By Joaquin Arrillaga


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