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Lowry Announces STEM Fair Winners

As always, Lowry Elementary is proud of all of the hard work that its students put in throughout the school year. The fall was no exception! Lowry would like to recognize some of the students who went above and beyond and were recognized with special awards.

Third grade recently had a More Health presentation on the dangers of poisons. Students were asked to guess which liquids were edible and which were poisonous, and learned many ways to keep safe from poisons. Third grade will enjoy a field trip this month to The Florida Aquarium and are also looking forward to the Scholastic Book Fair coming to Lowry at the end of the month.

Lowry teachers also had tough decisions to make while judging student STEM Fair projects. The results are:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Fleishman’s Class with Gummy Bears Take a Dip!
First Grade: Mrs. Goulder’s Class with How Cold is Your Cup?
Second Grade: Mrs. Gladden’s AGP Class with Candle Burn-Out
Third Grade Group Winners: Mrs. Saa, Ms. Hoffman and Mrs. Weller’s Class with Attraction Action on Magnets! (Students: Roshan Amin, Savannah Kresge, Amelia Harrison and Jack Niewierski)
Fourth Grade Winners: Sophia Sant from Mrs. Nokaj’s and Ms. Spark’s Class with Which Brands Pop a Greater Percentage of Popcorn?; Victoria [vulgarity] from Mrs. Gladden’s Class with Which Sorbent Soaks up the Most Oil Overnight?
Fifth Grade Winners: Alexis Spirides from Mrs. Green’s and Mrs. Weller’s Class with Color Contest; Lana Tran from Mrs. Green’s and Mrs. Weller’s Class with Does Hand Size Affect Piano Skills?

Congratulations to all the winners! On Feb. 12, these students will be competing in district competitions. Good luck!

By Alexus Bauguess and Isabella Smith


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