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Lowry Taken Over by Pirates

Ahoy, mateys!

Lowry Elementary is taking on the high seas with this year’s theme – Yo [vulgarity], Yo [vulgarity]! A Learner’s Life For Me!

Teachers jumped in with both feet after reading Dave Burgess’ book, Teach Like A Pirate. This reignited their passion and creativity for teaching. Teachers from all grade levels are currently collaborating with each other to increase student engagement throughout the day.

How are these educators working on student engagement? Recently, teachers met and shared “hooks” to bring interest and excitement into their lessons. Hooks can vary, but are used to make memorable experiences in the classroom to increase learning. Hooks included dance, drama, music and kinesthetic activities. Burgess included tips on how to transform classrooms for a lesson.

For example, third grade teacher Genny Adams recreated a crime scene in the back of her room to teach students how to make inferences with clues and background knowledge. When asked about the lesson, third grade student Mallory Iaquinto exclaimed, “It was a fun, educating way for kids to learn about inferencing.”

This is just one example of “hooking” students as they engage in the adventure of learning!

This is just the beginning of a yearlong voyage at Lowry. On the horizon are more activities for both teachers and students! Arrrr!

The December holiday season is quickly approaching. We are looking for those in our Lowry community to donate WalMart, Target, or Visa gift cards for our Helping Hands program. Through the program parents, students and friends of Lowry can help those families at our school, most in need, enjoy a happier holiday season. Please keep in mind these gifts may be all the child receives during the holiday season. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact for more information.

The gift of giving is a wonderful experience we can give to all of our children!

By Krista Reznik


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