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March 8 Movie In Park Switches to West Park Town Center Green

Our Movie in The Park has changed its venue this month.

Our March 8 movie will be held on the West Park Village Town Center’s green on Montague Street. We kindly ask that you do not bring your pet to this event for many reasons. The most important is that attendees do not want to be surprised by stepping on the little packages dogs leave behind when their owners do not pick up after them.

Our spring garage sale is May 4. Don’t forget to mark your calendars and be up bright and early to start selling your goodies. If you have any Big Ticket Items you wish to sell, be sure to contact one of the association’s managers, Charlotte Adams, at so she can add them to the list. As we all know from the past, the traffic will definitely be hectic around Westchase. The sale only lasts until 1 p.m. so let’s all try to be a little patient with those driving around looking for great bargains.

The 2013 annual assessments are now late. For those owners that did not pay their annual Westchase Community Association (WCA) assessment by Jan. 31, a late fee of $25 has been charged to your account. As a reminder, if you do not pay the outstanding balance by March 15, your account will be turned over to the association’s attorney for collection. Once this happens, legal fees begin to be incurred. Please avoid the additional costs by paying all outstanding fees on your account before the deadline.

After our recent inspections of properties, we thought we’d share the most common violations we’ve noticed so that you can proactively address them during your spring cleaning: dirty sidewalks, driveways, walkways and roofs; landscape beds that need maintenance (remove weeds, install mulch, trim shrubbery); lawn maintenance that needs to be done (mow, edge, remove weeds from lawn): dirty/damaged fences; houses in need of cleaning and/or re-painting.

Help keep your neighborhood looking beautiful by properly maintaining the exterior portions of your home and property.

As always, we are here to serve Westchase residents. Please feel free to drop by our office or contact us at 926-6404 or through e-mail at

By Debbie Sainz, CAM, CMCA


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