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MOMs Club: A Supporting Village Found

It takes a village to raise a child.

Well I, like many other MOMS Club members, have found my village. This goes out to the moms who are still trying to get involved and figure out if the MOMS Club of Westchase is for them. I have the answer – it 100 percent is.

This is my story of joining the MOMS Club.

Three years ago my husband and I welcomed our first child. The moment she was born, I knew that being a mother was my life calling and I wanted to spend all of my time with her. Like many moms, however, I had to return to work.

Fast forward a year and a half: my husband and I welcomed our second daughter. At this point we decided that I would leave the workforce and stay home with our girls. After about two months of figuring out how to be a mom to two kids, I needed to get out of the house and I needed a group.

There had to be a moms’ club in Westchase, right?

Through some searching, I found the MOMS Club of Westchase’s website. I submitted an interested member form and waited to hear back. After waiting for what felt like weeks but was actually one day, I was invited to try out two events. I was so nervous and anxious about meeting new moms, but I went to the first event.

I joined the club that same day. The moms were supportive, kind and welcoming. Everyone was friendly and watched all the children, not just their own. Everyone was respected and respectful.

It was the community I had been hoping for. I love this village and I know you will too. Come check us out! I know you’ll want to stay. Please visit


By Gina Knop


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