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Moms Offering Moms Support – Truly

If you aren’t a member – or maybe even if you are – you may not know that the “MOMS” in MOMS Club of Westchase is an acronym for Moms Offering Moms Support.

And this month, the ladies of the club truly exemplified this. I had planned to write my September article about the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. I hoped to share that the International MOMS Club has a Mother-to-Mother Fund that offers monetary assistance to members of the club affected by natural disasters or personal emergencies, and share the outpouring of support from our local Westchase chapter as well as the international MOMS Club. I would have added that we shuffled our plans in order to make the Mother-to-Mother Fund our September charity donation.

Then Irma came into the picture. With little time to prepare, and a shortage of supplies all around, the members of the MOMS Club of Westchase banded together to offer each other tremendous support during such a stressful time. Members shared traffic and gas updates for others to make a more educated decision about deciding to evacuate. We shared tips for passing the time indoors. And we shared what we could of our supplies.

Our president, Mary Kate French, shared this message with all of us the day before the storm hit, “Whether you have decided to stay or have left the area, I hope you are all safe with your families. We are hunkering down at home, and I want those of you that stayed to know we are here for anything you need. I pray that Irma is kind to all of us, and the gods at TECO spare us.”

We are so fortunate that the Westchase area survived the storm relatively unscathed and the club will be looking for ways in the coming weeks and months to support those who weren’t as lucky.

We are always looking to connect with new moms and local businesses. If you have a business or a babe, please visit to get in touch. Interested in becoming a member but not ready to commit? Attend an event before joining; we’re sure you’ll love our supportive, close-knit community!

By Heather Dagostino


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