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Public Notice of Residential Guideline Changes

At their Oct. 11 and Nov. 15 meetings, Westchase Voting Members (VMs) will be considering changes to the Westchase Residential Guidelines. The Westchase Residential Guidelines is a supplementary document to the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs). Both documents spell out architectural and use rules for Westchase residential properties.

Prior to the consideration of Guidelines amendments, public notice must be provided to Westchase homeowners regarding the proposed amendments’ intent and effect. Below is a list of changes being proposed by the Documents Committee. The full text of all proposed changes is available on and

Section 2.1.7 Front Doors: Creates a guideline that specifies the approved materials, colors and design elements of front doors.

Section 2.1.8 Windows: Amends the existing window guideline, titled “Hurricane Protection for Windows,” to incorporate specifications for materials, color and design elements for all windows. Existing rules regarding acceptable window protection from hurricanes are maintained.

Section 2.1.10 Roof and Roof Products: Enhances the existing roof guideline and identifies acceptable materials, including types and colors of tiles and shingles, as well as required warranties.

Section 2.1.27 Walls: Creates a new guideline providing specifications pertaining to restrictions and limitations on exterior walls; forbids boundary, courtyard, pool and patio walls.

Section 2.1.28 Pools and Spas: Creates a guideline incorporating the existing CCR Article XII, Section 12 verbiage on types of pools, accessories, setback requirements and location.

Landscape Guidelines 2.2.8: Creates consistency with the WCA Florida Friendly Guidelines’ Section 2.3 and details those trees and shrubs that are to be permitted.

Section 2.2.11 Standard Fencing: Specifies permitted location of fencing.

Section 2.2.15 Standard Fencing Materials: For those villages without specific fence guidelines, expands permitted fence materials to include vinyl fences and identifies permitted vinyl materials, styles and colors.

The above proposed Residential Guideline Amendments will be presented at the Oct. 11 voting members meeting for initial review. To approve community-wide Residential Guidelines after appropriate public notice, VMs representing a minimum of 66 percent of the homes within the association must cast votes in support of the changes.

By Debbie Sainz


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