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Reclaimed Water Pipe Project Impacts Linebaugh Medians

The Westchase CDD and WCA have been deluged with calls in March.

The calls have come from residents concerned about the work in the Linebaugh Avenue medians and its impact on traffic.

According to Project Manager Matt Hester of Westra Construction, the work is aimed at installing a new reclaimed water line beneath eastbound lane’s bike lane and curb. “There is an existing an HDPE reclaimed line in place,” he said. “That line is failing, so it is being replaced with a different material pipe that will last for a long time.”

Hester added the interior diameter of the pipe is larger so it will also likely increase its capacity.

The project is not short in scope. While begun in early March, it’s expected to take a full year to drill and install the new pipe from just east of Radcliffe to Bentley Way in West Park Village.

Hester said the original project called for Linebaugh to be reduced to one lane in one area to enable drilling. Westra and the county, however, came up with the median cutouts to keep two lanes of traffic flowing. Constructing the cutouts, however, did briefly impact traffic flow.

On March 15 Westra was removing the curb and cutting out another area of the median. A smaller, third area will be cut out just east of Gretna Green Drive. The cutouts will be used as pits through which the drill will bore a path for the new reclaimed pipe.

Other than impacting the curb and sod, the cutouts won’t require the removal of any trees or significant landscaping. When the project is complete, Hester stated the curb will be reconstructed and the sod replaced, returning the Linebaugh median to its original appearance.

To ensure the median’s landscaping still has water, Westra has rigged a blue pipe above ground to carry irrigation water to affected areas.

“It’s not a noisy project but there will the sound of drilling.” Hester added, “It’s probably a three or four on a one to ten scale.”

Work, he said, would be done Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Westchasers, however, won’t see an impact on their reclaimed water service. “The existing reclaimed line will stay intact.” he said. “Once the new one is in place and we have it flushed and tested, that’s when will go ahead and tie it in.”

By Chris Barrett, Publisher


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