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Reclaimed Water Service: What is Going On?

Anyone who has tried to make sense of the county’s repeated changes to Westchase’s reclaimed water service shut down could be forgiven for asking, “What is going on?”

Or perhaps, “When is it going on?”

Last week, WOW staff elected to stop reporting the reclaimed water service play by play in hopes that the county would land on a consistent date. Then, without previous announcement, the service was simply shutoff early this week.

In short, the outage has been caused with trouble the current contractor on Linebaugh Avenue is having tying the newly installed reclaimed water pipe into existing infrastructure serving Westchase neighborhoods.

Today Stephanie Agliano, Hillsborough County’s Neighborhood Liason, informed the community that reclaimed water service, which currently is off, will be restored by the end of the workday on Monday, Feb. 12.

That, however, conflicts with information provided to the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) by another source that told the district the outage would persist through 5 p.m. Feb. 13.

Residents should at least plan for it being off through Feb. 13. Any further changes will be reported as WOW receives them.

By Chris Barrett, Publisher


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