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VMs Applaud Management Renewal; Criticize “Guideline Amendment Creep”

At June 12 Voting Members meeting, WCA President Ruben Collazo announced a five-year renewal of the association’s management contract with Greenacre properties.

Hearing they would keep the existing management team, VMs applauded.

Collazo then gave Hillsborough County’s Stephanie Agliano an award for her responsiveness and assistance to Westchase. Agliano responded,“It’s been a pleasure working with Westchase. Everybody comes together to get things done. Rick (Goldstein) has been wonderful. I appreciate this.”

Deputy Hugh Alter, Westchase’s Community Resource Deputy, provided an update on Westchase crime, describing it as “relatively light right now.” He acknowledged West Park Village had more issues than other neighborhoods with car related crimes and “car hopping.” He advised residents to always lock their car doors even if they live in a gated community. Another trend involves smash and grab thefts of purses and valuables when people briefly go into a day care centers. He suggested never leaving valuables in vehicles.

Alter also announced that residents can no longer turn right on a red light at the corner of Linebaugh and Sheldon heading west on Linebaugh. He said that people have been driving through CVS and Burger King to avoid the intersection, but law enforcement officers will be ticketing.

Related to the many complaints in West Park Village about parking issues, Deputy Alter responded that they have been writing warnings and citations and reminded everyone that it is illegal to park too closely to intersections. “I’ve written citations for that,” he said. Alter added the sheriff’s department has now been given county approval to issue citations inside of The Greens.

A vote to appoint Dan Peters to the Variance Committee was unanimously approved as was a final vote for Glencliff’s guideline amendment for driveway pavers.

The proposed Vineyards Paint Guideline was approved with one dissenting vote by Cynde Mercer (The Bridges), who expressed concern that this guideline is less restrictive than the master Westchase guideline.

The Metal Roof Committee also brought samples of various approved roof materials. Collazo said that VMs would likely be asked to make their first vote in July for a proposed guideline change for acceptable roofing materials.

Dale Sells, Modification Committee Chair, wanted VMs to understand the documents which govern Westchase and how these are used by the Modifications Committee. He explained that they do have an architect and retain if one is needed but they try to limit the architect’s attendance due to the expense. He suggested that before people submit a modification, they check their individual neighborhood guidelines first. He explained “The biggest thing I’d point out is that we deal in facts. Whether or not it looks nice is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what our opinion is. It’s all what is in the documents.”

Sells then discussed the recent issue where a Bridges resident painted their garage door a faux wood color, stating the Modifications Committee had approved a UV protectant clear coat. He said that if the committee had known the intent was to paint the garage door an imitation wood brown, it would have been denied. He also said that the committee had never changed their minds about the decision. Board member Ashley Wait-Woodcock who was in attendance said, “It was confusing because it said clear but there was a picture of a brown garage door attached.”

Sells responded, “We talked about it as a group and came to the same conclusion that everything said clear.”

Kingsford VM Forrest Baumhover, who is on the committee, agreed. “All four of us in the room thought the request was for clear,” he said.

Sells concluded by stating that the governing documents are all “living documents” and that it was time to update them again. He was requesting volunteers to serve on the Documents Committee and recommended VM Ed Siler (Stockbridge) chair the new committee.

VMs final discussion was around “Guideline creep,” which Collazo had written about in the June World of Westchase. In the article Collazo had explained that he opposes entertaining individual neighborhood specific guideline change requests (INSG)s to resolve an issue where the homeowner made a modification without getting approval first. Collazo asked VMs to stop approving any INSG that is borne out of a violation.

Goldstein approved. “I am in complete agreement,” he said. “It disturbs me when someone has a violation then asks us to excuse the violation by proposing a change.”

VM Nancy Sells (Harbor Links/The Estates) added, “In the past, there have been people who painted their house with an unapproved color and they have been forced to repaint. This is how we stop them.”

VM Gerald Pappa (The Greens) also agreed. “We have to stay firm and draw the line in the sand. We have to stand firm as a group.”

VMs adjourned at 8:13 p.m.

By Brenda Bennett

Posted June 15, 2018


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