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VMs Approve New Exterior Paint Palette for Westchase Homes

If you’re planning to paint the outside of your home, you’ll have to pick it from a new set of colors.

The Feb. 12 Westchase Voting Members (VMs) meeting was both brief and productive with all 25 attending VMs voting in agreement on all agenda items.

Opening action, the group quickly voted unanimously to approve Brentford’s Screen Enclosure Guideline Amendment, which essentially gives that neighborhood a choice between bronze and white pool cages. Prior to the vote for Stamford’s Fence Guideline Amendment, Stamford VM Lisa Jones explained that the information printed in February’s WOW, which said that the color white for vinyl fences would be permitted, was incorrect. She clarified that natural wood colors for vinyl fences would be permitted if the new guideline were accepted. VMs also unanimously approved that guideline, which will have to considered by VMs for a second month before it becomes official.

The final approval of the Villas of Woodbridge’s mailbox guideline, changing their mailboxes to black metal ones, made for a third unanimous vote.

Westchase Community Association (WCA) President Joaquin Arrillaga then explained that a revision had been made to the recently considered Westchase-wide guideline establishing new colors and painting rules for the exteriors of Westchase homes. He stated a rule was added allowing a homeowner who recently built a home addition to paint that addition the same color as the house. The addition essentially grandfathers colors for home additions even if the colors are not on the new palette. The new paint palette and the guideline for painting home exteriors then garnered a unanimous vote for approval. Arrillaga remarked, “I would like to thank the committee that worked on this – Nancy Sells, Mary Griffin and Kim Rice. They did a job that no one wanted to tackle.”

The observation brought applause from the attendees.

Arrillaga closed with some announcements. He said that next month’s Movie in the Park was going to be held March 8 on the Montague Street green in West Park Village Town Center, a new venue for the event. The movie will be Big Miracle. Arrillaga also alerted everyone that next month’s WCA Board meeting and VM meeting will be moved later by one week to March 19 and March 21 respectively due to the Hillsborough County School District’s Spring Break on March 11-15.

VM Kathy Carlsen (Glencliff) then inquired whether VMs or the WCA Board wanted to help with an issue she has been experiencing. She said that neighborhood children are driving motorized vehicles on the golf course. She said this was occurring on a regular basis and that they have called the sheriff’s office. Bill Dennis, Chelmsford, said, “It is illegal. Some people may not know that.” Arrillaga advised that if we know the names of the families, we can contact them directly and send sheriff’s deputies to the homes.

Carlsen then asked if the WCA had any interest in purchasing the original Westchase Welcome Center (sales office) on Radcliffe Drive, which is up for sale again. Arrillaga responded that the association had pursued the idea at one point but got the impression that the property was put up for sale simply to comply with bankruptcy requirements. He said, “They did not seem to be motivated to sell.”

Arrillaga also observed the property may have some drawbacks. “If the property is zoned for commercial, the biggest problem is with signage. You cannot put a sign up on Linebaugh. It also needs at least $100K to fix it up, but I will bring it up to the board.”

VM Lisa Jones (Stamford) warned the VMs that two separate high school-aged girls whose homes were close to the park area had recently experienced peeping toms. She said it had occurred twice in Stamford in the last month and that the sheriff’s office had been called. She asked everyone to be on the alert.

VMs adjourned at 7:20 pm.

By Brenda Bennett


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