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VMs Recognize Carlos Quiros; Give Initial Approval to New Roof Materials

The July 10 Westchase Voting Members meeting began with recognition of a longtime Westchase volunteer, Carlos Quiros.

Over his many years in Westchase, Quiros served in multiple roles including voting member, board member, HOA president and member of many different committees. Westchase Community Association (WCA) President Ruben Collazo said that Quiros had taught him many things over the years. He remembered once when they disagreed about something, Quiros stopped the conversation and said, “Ruben, it’s not personal. It’s business.”

Collazo said, “I’ll always remember that. It was good advice.”

The final vote for the Vineyard’s Paint Guideline was quickly approved along with the initial vote for a paint palette guideline for Building 4 of the Reserve at West Park Village with one dissenting vote from Cynde Mercer (The Bridges). [Editor’s note: This Reserve guideline vote will happen again in September and October as it was not noticed in WOW as required by Westchase rules.]

Jim Dickens of Lake Roofing Systems, invited by the Metal Roof Committee to speak to VMs, then explained the pros and cons of metal roofs. Dickens said that metal roots last much longer than other roof types, with some lasting more than 50 years with proper upkeep. He added that metal roofs are more energy efficient, providing cost savings of 20-25 percent. Other benefits are that they can resist winds of up to 120 miles per hour and higher and they are 100 percent fire resistant. He said it is a myth that they are louder and attract lightning. He stated insulation reduces noise and added, “They attract no more lightning than your satellite dish or a flagpole. Lightning will strike the highest point but there is no evidence that a metal roof attracts lightning.”

Although he did not describe it as a con, the major downside is the higher price. He provided some sample prices for homes in Westchase in the 2,400 to 3,000 square foot range with prices being in the $50K to $60K range. Dickens did say that higher sale prices of homes with metal roofs could offset the cost. Dickens repeatedly stressed the importance of hiring quality installers who are experienced and certified in their installations. Brochures from the company will be kept in the HOA offices if residents want to look at them.

The Metal Roof Committee did want to reiterate that Key West style roofs are not acceptable. VMs voted unanimously to pass the new metal roof guidelines.

VM Rick Goldstein (Woodbridge), chair of the Nominating Committee, advised the group that they have made a few small changes to the nominating procedures for the upcoming board elections. They are now allowing candidates three minutes instead of two for respones and they can use PowerPoint and/or a multimedia presentation. Aug. 10 is the deadline for candidate submissions. Mercer (The Bridges) suggested questions for candidates with no experience versus those who have served be different but some VMs preferred the current method, which gives all candidates the same question. Collazo said he would discuss it with legal counsel.

Collazo informed the VMs that a developer will speak about plans for West Park Village land adjacent to the railroad tracks on Tate Lane at the bottom of Montague Street on Thursday, Sept. 27 at 6:30 p.m. at the WCA office building. The meeting is open to the public but primarily for the West Park Village VMs.

During the Government Affairs Committee (GAC) update, WCA Director Ashley Wait-Woodcock advised the group that the management company for the Westchase Town Center, where World of Beer and Tijuana Flats are, have agreed to put up a no skateboarding and no rollerblading sign for safety.

Bridges resident Joe Odda, who sits on the county’s Citizen’s Advisory Committee, offered a brief overview of what that committee has been working on. He stated an item that could have an impact on Westchase is the Increased Homestead Property Tax Exemption, which will be an amendment on the General Election ballot in November. Odda said the good news if it is approved would be that taxes would go down but the bad news would be that the county projects it would lose $28-$30 million a year starting in 2020 from the reduction, which would impact project work. Odda reminded residents of the street paving, the Citrus Park Extension and other recent projects which required funding. GAC Chair Rick Goldstein added that the Metropolitan Planning Organization will be coming to the August VM meeting to talk about their plans and get feedback from the community.

The annual WCA Budget Workshop to craft the 2019 association budget will be held Wednesday, Aug. 29 at 6 p.m. at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center. Residents that have funding requests should get those to Association Manager Debbie Sainz as soon as possible for inclusion.

Keith Heinemann (Alternate VM, Radcliffe) advised the group that Tuesday, Aug. 28 is primary election day and people must be registered to vote at least 29 days prior to that day.

VMs adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

By Brenda Bennett

Posted July 12, 2018


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