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Wait! Are You Trying to Vote at the Right Place?

Each Election Day scores of Westchase and Northwest voters wind up going to the wrong sites to vote. How can you avoid a last minute, unexpected detour?

Where should you vote? Early voting (Oct. 22-Nov. 4) has specific locations, with the closest to the Westchase area being the Maureen B. Gauzza Library. But if you’re voting on the day of the Nov. 6 primary election, you need to go to your specific precinct. You can’t just show up at the library if you’ve voted there before. Check first to see if it’s your specific, assigned precinct on Election Day.

On Election Day, if you live in Westchase within The Fords and The Greens and all villages east of there, you vote in Precinct 500, at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center. If you live in Radcliffe, Saville Rowe, and Harbor Links/The Estates and Westchase villages off Countryway Boulevard, you vote at Precinct 508 at the Maureen G. Gauzza Library. (On Election Day itself, only these folks can vote at the library.)

If you live in Windsor Place, Mandolin, Westchester or Highland Park, on election day you vote at Precinct 506, located at Bay Hope Church at 10701 Sheldon Rd. Residents of Westwood Lakes and West Hampton cast ballots at Precinct 527, in the Bayanihan Center’s Philippine Art and Cultural Foundation, 14301 Nine Eagles Dr.

Keith Heinemann, the head of Precinct 508, which is located at the library on Election Day, emphasized the importance of knowing your proper home precinct voting location if you’re voting on Nov. 6. He commented about previous Election Day voting, “In 508, we redirected more errant voters than actual precinct voters in the past two cycles.  We even get voters from other locations around the area.”

Heinemann added, “It may not be a big issue, but it can be a problem for someone who is on their way to work, or having to pick up the kids from school, etc., to be redirected. We always have to hold our breath and hope the errant voters who show up at 6:30 p.m. can get to the right place before the polls close.

Visit for more detailed information and to see your sample ballot.

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By Chris Barrett, Publisher


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