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WCA Board Addresses West Park and Bridges Complaints

During the resident forum of the WCA Board of Directors meeting, West Park Village resident Carlos Quiros asked the board to see what could be done about parking in his neighborhood.

Quiros told directors that there were many areas in the neighborhood where drivers could not see pedestrians or oncoming cars because people parked on both sides of the street (often in the wrong direction) and too close to alleys and intersections. He said it was creating a dangerous situation.

Government Affairs Committee (GAC) Chair Rick Goldstein said he and Westchase Community Association (WCA) Director Brian Ross had discussed the issue with Hillsborough County and the sheriff’s office and were told the only solution was to start ticketing aggressively and towing cars. He said he did not think either was a good solution. Director Joaquin Arrillaga pointed out that there was already a rule about the minimum distance people were supposed to park their cars from intersections and stop signs and suggested that people might need to be educated about the rule. Ultimately directors agreed with Arrillaga’s suggestion and decided to first conduct an educational campaign before exploring punitive measures.

Radcliffe resident Eric Pogue told the board he and his family would like to organize a charity tennis tournament and would like to use the Westchase tennis courts for the event. Pogue said if the board was agreeable, he would like to form a committee including association staff to plan the event. The board agreed that it sounded like a good community event and asked Pogue to come back with more specifics about how the tournament would run.

All directors voted in favor of increasing the association’s credit card processing fee from 2.75 to three percent in order to cover the association’s costs.

Community Association Manager Debbie Sainz reported that local water restrictions had been lifted and that there had been an 85 percent reduction in delinquent Westchase assessments since 2013.

Goldstein commended Bridges resident Joe Odda for being appointed to Hillsborough County’s Citizens Advisory Committee.

At the August Voting Members (VMs) meeting, a resident of The Bridges asked VMs to adopt a policy restricting the hours landscapers and pressure washers could begin yard work or home improvement projects. The VMs passed a motion at their meeting to ask the WCA board to adopt a new policy. Several Bridges residents attended the WCA board meeting, however, to ask that the board not do so. They told the board that the neighbor who had made the request frequently complained about any noise, any time of the day, whether from yard work, roofing or power washing. They pointed out that only one person in the neighborhood had made the complaint and said they did not understand why the board would consider making a change for just one person.

Sainz told directors that the board sets rules on association properties and that she did not think they could legally restrict the hours for homeowners. (Note: formal deed restriction changes are passed by VMs.) Director Chuck Hoppe made a motion that the board seek legal advice but the motion eventually died after Arrillaga pointed out that the county already had noise ordinance guidelines and that he thought that if the WCA were to make an adjustment, it would be something that would have to be done during the VMs’ biennial review of the association’s governing documents.

Director Brian Ross was absent from the meeting. Director Chuck Hoppe attended via conference call.

By Marcy Sanford

Posted 13 November 2017


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