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WCA Board Dissolves Swim and Tennis Committee; Ends Hand Scanner Use

At their Nov. 12 meeting the Westchase Community Association (WCA) Board of Directors approved a request from the Swim and Tennis Committee to dissolve the committee.

Addressing the motion to do so, Director Brittany Riefler voted in opposition. Board Vice-President Brian Ross said his perception was the committee wanted to dissolve itself because they did not think they were serving the community like they should.

Board Secretary Keith Heinemann was absent from the meeting.

Later in the meeting directors approved motions from Ross asking the swim and tennis coaches to provide written explanations of each offered program, including their targeted audiences and limitations on participation or availability. He also requested written explanations as to their efforts to comply with WCA aspirations to provide programming to Westchase residents of all ages and skill levels.

Directors also approved Ross’ request for a supplemental table to be added to the Program and Facilities Manager report with monthly benchmarks for each program, including gross revenue, the number of participants, the number of repeat participants, and the number of residents and non-residents. Ross also requested that the Program and Facilities Manager create, if not already done, a written inspection and maintenance schedule for the facilities.

Ross withdrew his motion to discontinue the association’s use of Mail Chimp for resident e-mails and to turn the communication over to the tennis coaches after Community Association Manager Debbie Sainz explained the e-mails were not intended just for tennis participants. Ross asked Sainz to come up with specific guidelines for the use of the service.

All directors voted in favor of Ross’ motion that Program and Facilities Manager Kelly Shires and the tennis and swim coaches provide rules and recommended uses for the new tennis cabana before the board purchases furniture for the new building.

Addressing a request from the swim team coach that swim team members be allowed to store their bags in pool deck bins overnight, Ross made a motion to allow the use of the bins as long as they were locked overnight. Riefler added the condition that participants sign a waiver that the association is not responsible for any items left in the bins. After more discussion, the suggestion was made that they implement the use for one season and then review it. Ross rejected that amendment but said he would amend his motion to be revocable at will. Board members voted 5–1 in favor of the motion with WCA President Joaquin Arrillaga casting the dissenting vote.

Sainz reported that the hand guides for the palm scanners were on back order but they did have one that Facilities and Program Manager Kelly Shires had installed with super glue so it could not be knocked off. She also said that a representative from Welch Tennis Courts said that the small cracks in the West Park Village tennis courts were not covered under the resurfacing warranty and that he would not recommend doing anything to them.

Ross asked if Welch was the same company who had resurfaced the courts and was told they were. He said he felt like the association should get another opinion. All voted in favor of his motion to approve A.D. Engineering to inspect the cracks and make recommendations and Arrillaga’s amendment that if A.D. could not do the assessment, they use another engineering company.

Ross went on to make a motion that due to the fact that the hand scanners had never worked as intended and that up to $100,000 had been spent on them, that Shires and Sainz research and make a recommendation for a different long-term entry system that was lower in cost and maintenance. All voted in favor.

Directors also voted to continue funding the monthly Movies in the Park next year and to hire Yard Guards on Doody to pick up pet waste before each movie.

Sainz reported that Hillsborough County had not approved the original design for a French drain system for the proposed Quick Start courts at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center. She said that they had instead approved the construction of two swales. She said that A.D. Engineering, the engineering company for the project, had suggested a commercial landscaping company could build the swales for at a lower cost than they could but that they would oversee the project.

Board members continued their discussion about the swim and tennis programs with a conversation about who should determine what types of classes and programs to offer. Ross made the motion that the board be presented with a six-month calendar twice a year outlining what programs and classes were going to be offered, along with a description and information about who could participate in the program or class.

Director Rick Goldstein said he did not think the board should get involved in a discussion of times and days. Ross said he agreed but that he had heard complaints from participants about times and dates being changed. Riefler said that she thought programs and socials were just as important as planning Movies in the Park since the programs were for the community.

Former board director Dyan Pithers urged the board to not get in the weeds about the specifics but to consider the overall services provided to residents. She suggested that the board decide what they want the swim and tennis professionals to do and then allow them to determine how and when to do it. Ross withdrew his motion until board members could get more information about program participation, descriptions, and proposed schedules.
Directors then turned to their ongoing review of the association’s electronic security policies. Arrillaga had asked Director Ruben Collazo to make recommendations about what needed to be done. Collazo reported that he had determined several action items that the board should consider. First, he suggested the board create an IT director position who would know where all the association computers were located, know what their passwords were, and know how to access all the electronic accounts. He said the association manager had all the information but he thought a board member should as well. Goldstein made a motion to create an Information Technology Committee and to appoint a board member as chair. Later he nominated Collazo for the position. Board members approved both motions.

Collazo said another issue the board needed to consider was an emergency evacuation plan for the association’s server. The recommendation was made that Sainz and Collazo work together to create a plan.

Due to recent amendments to the Florida Statutes, the WCA is now the first governing group to look at homeowner fines and determine if they should be levied or not levied.

Addressing fines for unresolved deed restriction violations, all directors voted in favor of Ross’ motion to uphold fines at five houses where trash cans were still in view, where mechanical equipment was not screened, and where a house and fence were still discolored. Directors voted not to impose fines at 10 houses where the violations were corrected and they waived fines until Dec. 17 for three houses whose homeowners had requested more time to address the violations. The board also elected to hold one violation until the next meeting so that the Modifications Committee would have time to review the homeowner’s request.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Dec. 10, at 7 p.m., at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center on Countryway Boulevard.

By Marcy Sanford

Posted: 17 Nov 2015


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