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WCA Board Gives Nod to Swim Team Expansion

The Feb. 9 meeting of the WCA Board saw directors vote to expand the TBAY Westchase swim team to a portion of the West Park Village pool.

Kicking off the resident forum of the Westchase Community Association’s (WCA) Board of Directors meeting, Tanya Cielo and Wes Rogers, representatives of a local pest control company, addressed directors. They said that they wanted Westchase to know that they are interested in sponsorship opportunities within the community. They stated are trying to get their company name publicized and are looking for things they can participate in or donations they can provide.

WCA President Ruben Collazo noted that former Government Affairs Committee (GAC) Chair Joe Odda was present and stated Westchase Voting Members attending their Feb. 7 meeting had received a list of streets that are on Hillsborough County’s Option 3 Accelerated Delivery Pavement Resurfacing Project List, approved on Feb. 1. Collazo thanked Odda for all of his time and efforts towards the resurfacing projects. Odda also said that Director Rick Goldstein, the current GAC Chair, has been working with the county and had successfully suggested Countryway Boulevard from Linebaugh Avenue to Race Track Road be added to the list.

During her report Association Manager Debbie Sainz announced that the 25th Anniversary party was a huge success and that residents who attended the event loved it.

Collazo announced that the Reserve at West Park Village annexation vote had been taken at the Feb. 7 Voting Member meeting and the annexation was approved.

TBAY Westchase Swim Coach Alex Richardson presented his proposal to directors to expand the swim program to the West Park Village pool. Sainz reviewed a completed financial analysis, which offered a breakdown of the proposed swim program expansion. The analysis compared usage and income from residents and nonresidents as well as costs and future projections. Collazo said, “Our residents are benefiting by having nonresidents participate. There is a small profit being generated. It’s worth it to us to have the swim team.”

Richardson wants to move two of the swim team groups to the West Park Village pool and would use four lanes during swim team practice times. He said this was the maximum space they would need and it would alleviate the crowding occurring at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center pool off Countryway Boulevard. When asked how much more he could grow the program, Richardson replied, “The program can only get so big and I wouldn’t want to have it really large. The groups are split up, recreational versus competitive. It’s progressional. We have kids graduating and going to college then we have new swimmers coming in from lessons.”

Sainz recommended that directors give Richardson the opportunity to expand to the Village pool on a one-year trial basis. Directors voted to approve the request, with the use of the West Park Village pool starting in August. They also requested a financial analysis be given to them periodically.

Collazo and Director Brian Ross closed the meeting by congratulating Richardson and Facility Manager Kelly Shires on their efforts and success with the swim team.

By Brenda Bennett

Posted 14 February 2017


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