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WCA Board Passes Budget with $262 Assessment

Finalizing their budget discussions, the Westchase Community Association (WCA) Board of Directors passed a budget setting a $262 assessment for homeowners in 2017.

Opening the resident forum, Harbor Links Resident Dale Sells commended Joaquin Arrillaga and Joe Odda for their hard work and dedication to the Westchase community at the Oct. 13 meeting.

Sells said of Arrillaga, “In his years on the board, including five years as president, he gave the WCA countless hours of his time.”

Sells added Arrilllaga had faced a number of external and internal challenges with patience, focus and grace. Odda, he said, had done a tremendous job for Westchase and represented the interests of the community regarding the dog park and transportation issues. Sells encouraged the board to avoid getting “bogged down in minutia,” saying that good board members monitor, guide, and enable good management and to remember that they were the board of directors not the board of managers.

A resident of the West Park Village (WPV) townhouses who lives near the restaurant Patio 6 asked the board if they could do anything to help with the noise issues from the restaurant. She said that her neighbors and she were working with the EPA regarding sound ordinances and had called the police to file noise complaints. When she said the situation was a bit better, she was worried that once Patio 6 left, they would have to start over again with a new tenant because the property owner told prospective renters that it was OK to have concerts on the patio.

Director Brian Ross told her that the WCA had no legal authority over the property but after further discussion, President Ruben Collazo said they would discuss it at the next board meeting to determine what they could do. Director Rick Goldstein also offered to meet with her to discuss how he, as chair of the Government Affairs Committee (GAC), could be of help with county officials and petitions.

All board members voted to use operating surplus funds to pay for $65,442.73 for paving and resealing the West Park Village and Westchase Swim and Tennis Center parking lots, repairing pool tiles at both pools, and replacing the shade canopy at the tennis courts at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center. By not using reserve funds, the decision will reduce homeowners’ assessments for reserves in future years.

All voted in favor of Ross’ motion to approve a budget for 2017 that would apply 50 percent of this year’s retained earnings to the association’s reserve schedules, lowering homeowners’ annual assessments to $262.

Goldstein reported that he was looking for volunteers for the GAC committee. He also said that he was requesting that the board authorize a task force to address the proposed Rays Stadium on Race Track Road.

Sells, who is Chair of the Document Reviews Committee, reported that the committee had its first official review of proposed amendment to Westchase’s governing documents at the October VM meeting and that there were only a few items that needed rewording. He said that the committee was on track with all of its guidelines and that residents should be getting copies of some of the changes to vote on in January.

A West Park Village resident was present at the meeting to appeal his violation notice for having a white PVC fence on a conservation area. He first asked how staff had seen his fence since it was not visible from the street and wondered if they had come onto his property. Community Association Manager Debbie Sainz informed him that another West Park Village resident had asked to be allowed to put up the same type of fence and when told they could not, asked why they could not since someone on their street had a solid white fence.

The resident asked if he could ask for a variance on fence rules. Collazo said it was unlikely that it would be granted and Sells, who is also head of the Modifications Committee, told that resident that many times the Modifications Committee understood the reasoning for a request but that they could only determine if it complied with the rules. The owner said he found it troubling that the fence had been put in place four years ago by the previous owner of the home and that no one had disclosed the issue to him when he and his wife bought the house but that he understood what he had to do now. He asked the board to give him more time to correct the violation since the holidays were approaching and he would be traveling much of November and December. All voted in favor of Arrillaga’s motion to table the appeal until the Feb. 9 meeting.

A Kingsford resident appealed his fine by phone. He told the board that when he went to the Covenants Committee for his appeal he did not have a picture to prove that he had corrected the violation. Directors voted in favor of Arrillaga’s motion to rescind the fine after a photo provided by office staff showed a bush rather than the yard for which he had been fined.

Directors all voted in favor of Ross’ motion to not impose fines for 11 homes where the violations had been corrected; uphold the maximum fines and suspend facility use for two homes that had not corrected their violation; uphold fines and facility use suspension for one homeowner unless the violation is corrected by Nov. 30, and impose the maximum fines and suspend facility use for seven homeowners but then revoke the fines and suspension if the violation does not reoccur within three months.

Sainz reported that there would be a holiday concert at the band shell in West Park Village on Dec. 2, from 7-9 p.m. The concert will feature Craig Singleton and the Big City Band playing holiday jazz and dance music for all ages.

She also asked that people submit nominations for the Nathan Lafer Good Neighbor Award.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. at the WCA Offices at 10049 Parley Dr.

By Marcy Sanford

Posted 16 October 2016


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