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WCA Board Recognizes Chuck Hoppe

At the March WCA Board of Directors meeting President Ruben Collazo presented former board member Chuck Hoppe with a Westchase Medallion.

Hoppe was presented with the medallion to thank him for his previous service on the Westchase Community Association (WCA) Board. “I always appreciated Chuck’s input at board meetings,” Collazo said. “He made more good catches than a third baseman at a playoff game.”

Director Keith Heinemann said that Hoppe had also served as the alternate VM for Radcliffe for many years. Hoppe said, “Thank you. It was great working with everyone.”

WCA Manager Debbie Sainz reported that there were approximately 270 homeowners who had not paid their association fees and their collection would now go to legal counsel. She estimated that the number was slightly larger than last year. She said the payment function on the WCA website was down but that she had quotes from several providers as well as quotes for cleaning and sealing the pool deck pavers at both facilities.

All directors voted in favor of Brian Ross’ motion to table a Bridges homeowner’s appeal until April 12 to allow time for the home to be painted. All also voted in favor of his motion to suspend a fine concerning a parking violation in The Greens and waive the fine as long as the violation does reoccur within 90 days. The homeowner asked the board why he had not received a response to the email he sent after his first notice and Ross told him that they were following the advice of legal counsel, which was to send two letters notifying the homeowner of the violation and to treat all homeowners the same. Directors suggested that the best way to communicate with the WCA about a violation was by phone.

All board members agreed with Keith Heinemann’s suggestion to reappoint Mary Griffith, Ken Blair and Jeff Seligsohn to the WOW Board. Heinemann said that they had received a resume from a very good candidate but that he felt the current board members were doing a great job and he did not suggest a change in the board at this time.

Directors voted 2–5 against a request to allow an estate sale at a Bridges home in April. A daughter of the deceased resident was requesting an exception to the rule forbidding estate sales because both her sister and she live out of town and would only have one weekend to clean out the house before the new owners took possession. She said they had a company who was going to run the estate sale for them. Collazo and Director Ashley Wait, who made the motion to allow the sale, cast the votes for the motion. Collazo said he was inclined to allow the sale because the homeowner had been a resident of Westchase for 14 years and he felt that if it was one of his neighbors, he could deal with a weekend of inconvenience.

Ross said he was against it because he thought it was bad for the community and that the company retained to do the estate sale also provided a service where they would sell the furniture by commission off site. He said he did not think it was fair to the neighbors to have to deal with parking and strangers coming into the community. Wait asked what about the cost difference between an onsite estate sale and an offsite one and Ross replied, “We cannot begin to consider costs when making decision about the rules.”

Director Joaquin Arrillaga said that Ross’ position was, “in line with previous boards and VMs. Money should not be considered when following the rules.”

All voted in favor of renewing the WCA insurance policy at an increase of $4,000 from the previous year. Sainz said the increase was due to an increase in accident and health coverage and general liability.

All voted in favor of proposed facility rules changes to make all rules consistent and to clarify some ambiguous rules.

Director Rick Goldstein said that he wanted to make the board aware of an incident that had happened where a non-resident used his and Collazo’s names to gain access to the tennis courts. He said the person had two minors with him, one of whom was a Westchase resident. He made a motion to approve sending a letter to the person telling them of the rules as well as one to the parents of the Westchase child.

Ross, however, questioned why the board wouldn’t send a letter to the person telling him he is not welcome back. Director Joaquin Arrillaga then submitted a substitute motion requesting legal counsel send a letter to the non-resident informing him that he was banned from Westchase facilities. All voted in favor of the motion.

By Marcy Sanford


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