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WCA Board Tackles Parking Problems and Find Appeals

The Westchase Community Association (WCA) Board of Directors discussed parking issues in West Park Village (WPV) and Kingsbridge during their February meeting.

Government Affairs Committee (GAC) Chair Rick Goldstein reported that he had been working on transportation and parking issues the two neighborhoods.  He said that Davidsen parents dropping off and picking up students on Kingsbridge were creating many problems and that a task force had been formed with the intent of stopping the chaos during these times. He said extra law enforcement was needed during the morning and afternoon hours but that there was no guaranteed on-duty officer that could be present. Board President Ruben Collazo said he did not think association funds could be used to pay for an off-duty officer. Sean O’Donnell said, “I live there. It is very chaotic. The kids aren’t looking and people park on yards. The street is not big enough for that many cars.”

Identifying it as the cause of the problem, WCA Director Joaquin Arrillaga said, “If you pick up your child at Kingsbridge, it takes five minutes, Montague takes 20.”  He asked if the light at Linebaugh and Montague could be extended to allow traffic on Montague to move faster. Goldstein agreed that the task force would continue to look into the problem and explore options.

Goldstein said that GAC was going to ask Hillsborough County to paint the curbs in WPV red to indicate no parking zones and the sheriff’s office to enforce parking laws. He said that first responders were able to get to emergencies in the neighborhood in six minutes but WPV resident Michelle DelSordo said that she had talked to firefighters about their ability to get in and out of WPV in six minutes and they had told her that typically they were not able to get into the neighborhood in that amount of time. Goldstein said that under the law, first responders can barrel right through and not be held responsible for any damage to cars.

Fords resident Joe Odda, a member of Hillsborough County’s Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC), told directors about the five strategic initiatives the CAC would be working on in the upcoming months. He said the initiatives were public-private partnerships, client self-sufficiency, customer service and satisfaction, transforming the service model and fiscal sustainability. He said he planned to volunteer to help with fiscal sustainability. Odda said that the County projected it would lose $30 million in revenue if an additional Homestead Exemption is approved by voters and that much he thought working on this imitative could have the most impact on transportation issues that are important to area residents.
The board heard an appeal from a resident of The Greens who said he had not received his violation notices in a timely manner because they were sent by certified mail and since he worked long hours, he was not home when the carrier attempted to deliver the letters or able to get to the pick-up location before it closed. The homeowner had two separate violations he was appealing – the need for mulch and adequate rows of plants. He reported that the mulch had been put down and directors all agreed to waive 90 percent of his fine for that violation. He said he had not been able to plant the additional rows of plants because his landscaper said they could not be planted due to the cold weather and were not even available at nurseries. Directors all agreed to deny the appeal but reduce the fee by 90 percent as long as the fine for mulch was paid in 90 days and the extra row of plants were planted by March 6.

Board members voted 5-1, with Director Ashley Wait opposed, to deny an appeal concerning a dirty roof. The homeowner stated there was damage to the roof and that she is currently in litigation to have the roof repaired by her insurance company. She stated her lawyer had told her not to go up on the roof while the matter in in litigation. Ross said that they have been asking for more information for four months and that the legal matter could go on for several years. He added that it was not fair to her neighbors to ask them to put up with her dirty roof.

Community Association Manager Debbie Sainz reported that 548 homeowners were delinquent with their annual fees. She said this was about the same number of homeowners as last year. She reported that they had also changed the garbage collection at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center on Countryway from twice a week to once a week, which would save money.

Westchase Community Foundation (WCF) President Sean O’Donnell reported that the Westchase Tennis Tournament was very successful. “They did an excellent job and raised $15,000 for WCF. Part of the reason it was so successful was because they were able to use the tennis courts for free.” He asked the board to approve the use of the tennis courts for a similar tournament in 2019. All voted in favor of his request.

All directors agreed to allow Operations Manager Kelly Shires and the summer camp employees to explore new ideas for field trips for summer camp this year.

Collazo said the Greenacre contract was up for renewal and that the company had asked him to meet with them to talk about renewing the contract. He said he thought Board Treasurer Forrest Baumhover should also attend the meeting but would like an additional board member there. Arrillaga volunteered.

Director Forrest Baumhover was absent from the meeting.

By Marcy Sanford

Posted Feb. 15, 2018


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