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Westchase Mompreneur: Jessica Guercio

Jessica Guercio took a childhood dream and made it a reality.

When Jessica Guercio was in elementary school, a National Geographic photographer came to speak to her class about his job. She was blown away by how exciting his job sounded and that feeling stuck with her throughout the years. She knew that somehow, photography would play a role in her life.

After graduating from the University of West Florida, Jessica took on a career as an elementary school teacher until her son was born in 2014. After being a stay-at-home mom for a few years, she decided that she was ready to go back to work. She remembered how tough it was to find a good, local photographer for her son’s first birthday – one who would do short, more affordable sessions and just snap a few pictures instead of doing longer, more extensive sessions (which can be very trying with a 1-year-old!). She thought that maybe this was finally time to take on the career that she always had in the back of her mind.

Deciding to take a leap of faith, she pursued her passion. After taking a few classes and making sure her camera was always in tow for events, MOMS Club outings, and play dates, she felt that she was finally ready to share her talents with others. Jessica Guercio Photography in January of 2017.

Jessica loves working with kids and families and enjoys being able to meet and connect with new people. There have been so many wonderful moments since starting her business, but she says that her favorite part is always the moment people look at their photos and tell her how much they love them. As a West Park Village resident, she enjoys using the local area as her backdrop and knows that there are no shortages of picturesque places among the fountains, bridges, and large open fields. Shooting at local parks is a favorite spot so that families with little ones don’t have to go far.

Although taking pictures is her passion, her number one job is being a mom to her son, David, 4. Managing her time between mom life and work life can be tricky, but she’s had the utmost support from her husband, Sam, and her son loves to “help” her work. “He has his desk next to mine so we can work together when I need to,” Jessica said.

Her schedule is flexible, which allows her to be a mom first while pursuing her dream. She’s loved every minute of her job and when asked what advice she’d give aspiring photographers, she said to just get out there and do it! “Take photos of your family and friends, your backyard, of everyday objects around the house. Then figure out how to make them better.”

You can find Jessica on Facebook at Jessica Guercio Photography, on Instagram at JessicaGuercioPhoto, and at WOW r.eaders who mention this article will receive 10 percent off a Petite or Full Session booked now through the end of September 2018.

By Brie Gorecki


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