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Westchase Teen Author Debuts First Novel

If you’re looking for a new supernatural series to read, check out local teen author Sarah Frank’s first novel One Chance.

This fall it will be published by BeaLu Books, a Tampa indie children’s book publisher. A resident of the Greens, Frank will be introducing the book at the Tampa Bay Area Writing Projects Fall Conference on Nov. 4.

One Chance is the first in a planned series of thrillers that combine mystery, magical powers and time travel. The idea for the series first came to Frank while she was still in elementary school. The novel centers around the main character, Sandy, who, after her parents disappear, finds herself in an orphanage run by two dark and mysterious sisters. Sandy makes new friends and with their help discovers a mysterious magical rock that allows her to travel in time. Sandy realizes that the rock is the key to saving her parents and changing her life.

It has taken Frank four years and many rewrites to get to the final version of her story. “One Chance, was a long road,” said Frank. “I wrote the first draft in fifth grade in a red spiral notebook. In sixth grade, I rewrote the entire novel on my computer and made quite a few changes. Once seventh grade began, I decided it was time for another total rewrite. I’ve been editing it for about and a year and a half and the improvements are incredible.”

“Readers expect happy endings and expert their beloved heroes and heroines to succeed,” added Frank. “I gave them a good ending but not the expected one. It’s an emotionally complex story of love, deadly sacrifices, family, friendship and the burden of disabilities.”

While her first novel, it is not the first published work for Frank. Now a freshman in the Creative Writing Program at Blake High School, Frank published a collection of poems, What Really Happened in Elementary School, when she was in fifth grade at Westchase Elementary.

Frank is available for author visits and presentations as her school schedule allows. In mid-November you’ll be able to purchase a copy of One Chance online at BeaLu Books, and other online realtors.

By Marcy Sanford; Photo by Jen Bravo


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