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WOW’s 2017 Holiday Decorating Contest Winners Light Up the Night

Cool temperatures swept into the bay area just in time!

It felt a lot more like Christmas as judges took to streets Dec. 9-10 to determine the winners of the annual WOW Holiday Decorating Contest. With an expanded territory to include the readers of the the WOW NW issue, their task this year was even greater.

The Westchase individual home winners saw last year’s winners jockeying for different positions. Having taken second place in 2015 and 2016, Summer Sanacore of 10451 Green Links Dr. in Village Green literally jumped for joy upon hearing the news of her family’s first place win this year. Her Classic Holiday Movies theme featured nostalgic window displays stuffed with items from movies, including Polar Express, Elf and Rudolph. She was even able to track down a fishnet tight covered leg lamp and pink bunny suit as seen in the movie A Christmas Story. “Watching these movies are part of a lot of families’ traditions so I wanted to go with that this year,” she explained.

Second place for 2017 went to Daniel Good and Robert Franceskino of 12428 Bristol Commons Cir. Their display included Santa and his reindeer, one more than he had last year, atop the roof. The lawn display included handmade decorations, toy soldiers lining the sidewalk and plenty of lights. Their efforts to include their neighbors also won Westchase Best Neighborhood Winner for Bristol Commons Cir. in Woodbay. Stringing lights from tree to tree and crossing the strands back and forth over the road was not an easy task. Neighbors pitched in with extension cords to help power the display. “Every house on the street decorated this year and it’s so much fun to see everyone else really get into the spirit of holiday,” Good said.

Third place went to the Moyer family of 10002 New Parke Road in West Park Village. Their “Believe” theme featured a huge handmade wooden sleigh, a dancing Santa on the second-floor balcony and post box for letters to Santa. “The concern now is where am I going to put this sleigh?” said dad Jeff of the massive display. “If anyone needs a sleigh ride in June, just let me know,” he added with a chuckle.

The WOW Northwest contest included stiff competition this year as well. The Mauldin family of 11305 Minaret Dr. in Mandolin Estates took First Place. “It’s all Jeff,” said Heather of her husband’s effort in producing the massive light display adorning their home. Viewing the home from the street, finding anything on the house or lawn that did not have a light attached to it was a challenge. Their display was also part of the reason Mandolin Estates took NW Best Neighborhood Winner award. The homes at 11305, 11307 and 11309 Minaret Dr. together prompted the judges to deem the united display neighborhood winner worthy.

Pablo Smith of 11307 Minaret Dr. explained the guys had to go up in a bucket truck this year to cover the trees and hang the enormous lighted ornaments from the high tree branches. His garage houses the hub and controls for all the extension cords and synchronized music set to the twinkling lights that the combined display features.

Second place winners, Dean Blair and Kwang-Sun Cho Blair, were thrilled with their second-place win! Their home at 11633 Renaissance View Ct. featured a spectacular show of lights as well. “The blue lights along the roofline are a tribute to our Jewish friends because we wanted to include everyone,” he said.

Third place went to the LoRusso family at 12021 Mountbatten Dr. of Westchester inside Newcastle. Their lawn decorations were all handmade wooden structures, including candy canes, wreaths, trees and a snowman. “It’s all built from scratch and he takes great pride in his decorations,” Legina said of her husband Philip.

Congratulations to all our winners and the honorable mentions!

Westchase Individual Home Winners

First Place: 10451 Green Links Dr. (Village Green)
Second Place: 12428 Bristol Commons Circle (Woodbay)
Third Place: 10002 New Parke Rd. (West Park Village)

Westchase Individual Home Honorable Mentions
10315 Seabridge Way (The Bridges)
9946 Stockbridge Dr. (The Bridges)
10740 Chelmsford Dr. (The Fords)
12014 Wandsworth Dr. (Radcliffe)
10719 Ayrshire Dr. (The Shires)
10743 Ayrshire Dr. (The Shires)
10709 Sierra Vista Pl. (The VineyardS0
10016 Seymour Way (West Park Village)
12421 Bristol Commons Circle (Woodbay)

Westchase Best Neighborhood Winner
Bristol Commons Circle in Woodbay

Westchase Best Neighborhood Honorable Mention
Seymour Way in West Park Village

WOW NW Individual Home Winners

First Place: 11305 Minaret Drive (Mandolin Estates)
Second Place: 11633 Renaissance View Ct. (Mandolin Estates)
Third Place: 12021 Mountbatten Dr. (Westchester inside the Newcastle entrance)

WOW NW Individual Home Winners Honorable Mention
14621 Galt Lake Drive (Highland Park)

NW Best Neighborhood Winner
Mandolin Estates (11305, 11307, 11309 Minaret Dr.)

By Lisa Stephens; Home photos by James Broome Photography


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