21 Great Fitness Gift Ideas for 2021

As the holidays ramp up and 2021 counts down, why not consider a fitness gift for your family and friends? Once again this year, as WOW’s Fitness columnist, I offer my top picks. Some have made the list for the first time and others feature interesting enhancements in design and technology. Shop on, fitness fans!

1. Smart Home Gym – The three most popular are Peloton, The Mirror, and Tonal. They each have a different emphasis. Peloton is probably best for cardio, Tonal for resistance training, and the the Mirror the most affordable.
2. Smartwatches – If they don’t already have one and are talking about anything fitness related, these are useful, because they hold you accountable, telling you how much you are moving each day. If the Fitbit or iWatch is more than 3 or 4 years old, they would probably appreciate an upgrade.
3. Under the desk elliptical – If you just can’t seem to get enough time away from your desk, maybe this can help a bit. (Please let me know if you try it!)
4. Exercise card deck – Add a bit of spice to your workout by using a card deck. This can be a fun way to learn and exercise with friends or students depending on the deck. The cards are inexpensive and can be great stocking stuffers.
5. Infrared sauna blanket – While their temperature is not as hot as a sauna, they certainly help calm the body. They are much easier to clean than a sauna and take up less space.
6. Rebounder – Bounce on a mini-trampoline without the harsh landing on your muscles and joints.
7. Athletic Wear – A stylish sporty outfit will be appreciated by those who enjoy working out and may want to run errands afterward. If you are not well known for picking out the right clothes, gift cards are appreciated.
8. Smart rope – The LED inside the rope allows it to display your stats mid-air.
9. Vibrating foam roller – Foam rollers help increase flexibility!
10. Jogging Stroller – Most runners with a baby would be happy to get one!
11. Massage stick – Another tool that can be used for self-massage and trigger pointing.
12. Bala Power Ring – Swap a dumbbell or a kettlebell for this weighted ring!
13. Hula hoop – Remember those? Well, now they even have weighted hoops.
14. Fitness socks – A comfy and appreciated stocking stuffer for your fitness enthusiast.
15. Athletic Shoes – Always appreciated (just include a gift receipt!)
16. Blender – I love my Ninja!
17. Fanny pack – Yes, they are back!
18. Leg recovery system – The intense athlete will love putting their legs inside large massage-producing socks/boots.
19. Hydration pack backpack – An avid hiker’s friend!
20. Fitness Gear – From weights to yoga matts, pick your loved one’s favorite!
21. Gift cards for everything fitness!

By Shannon Thigpen

Shannon Thigpen is a Certified Wellness Mentor, teacher and trainer. Visit shannonthigpen.com.


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