Board Discusses Pool Deck Repairs and Insurance Issues

A West Park Village resident took advantage of the resident forum to seek clarification about what, if any, types of businesses may be conducted out of homes, claiming that his neighbor is running a dog boarding business which has negatively impacted his family. Board President Shawn Yesner said the bylaws indicate that any business may not be detectable by sight, sound or smell from outside the unit. Holt said that the WCA would do more research and share its findings with the resident.

Yesner then began the meeting with a matter of old business: a fence appeal brought to the board in May. A Bridges resident whose backyard faces a pond had asked to install a metal fence identical to those of three of his neighbors who face the same pond, but his request was denied. The board determined the other fences were mistakenly approved due to ambiguity in an appendix to the INSGs. Director Eric Holt said he didn’t think the WCA had the authority to allow a fence until the Voting Members voted to change the guidelines. Yesner asked how soon the VMs could vote, and Property Manager Debbie Sainz said January at the earliest.

Director Dale Sells made a motion to approve the resident’s request as submitted and to ask the VMs to update the relevant language as soon as reasonable, which failed 5-1 (Director Blakley Echeverry abstained). Yesner then recommended asking the VMs to amend the appendix. Sainz said she would put the item on the July VM meeting agenda.

A representative from A.D. Engineering joined the meeting via Zoom, along with John Mogge, who is working with Director Jack Maurer to address the WPV pool deck repairs. A.D. Engineering provided an estimate of $266,000 for phase one of the pool repairs. The representative from A.D. made it clear that it was a very rough estimate because her firm employs engineers, not general contractors, and could only provide precise estimates on design, and not repairs.

Mogge said he has a great deal of experience in this area, and he felt the figure would be useful as a budget placeholder. Sells moved to approve proposals pertaining to the pool deck repairs from structural engineer Biller Reinhart and geotechnical engineer Arehna as presented, and his motion passed unanimously. The board then voted to allow A.D. to move forward with the solicitation of bids from pool contractors with a deadline of July 10.

In his Treasurer’s report, Sells stated that after substantial research, the WCA would be establishing a relationship with the Trust and Wealth Division of Bank Ozk to invest some of its reserve and appropriated funds.

Holt then presented the Government Affairs report. He addressed the area on Tate Lane where construction had started, then stopped, leaving the sidewalk area in disarray. Holt reported that permits for development work at the site had expired. He said he’d reached out to Hillsborough County Code Enforcement to ask how to get access back to the area in question and was awaiting their response.

Regarding the issue of fire safety in West Park Village, Holt said that the painting of curbs at 26 intersections was scheduled to begin the following week. The fire marshal and the county were discussing whether both signage and striping were needed. Holt stressed that no existing parking spots were being removed; the curb painting will be done where parking is already prohibited.

The board then unanimously approved a motion to add Sells and Joanne Maurer to the Nominating Committee. The two new members will join Brinker and Jack Maurer. Brinker said they would set a date for a committee meeting, where they would select a chairperson.

Sainz reported she had encountered challenges finding a property insurance company willing to cover the WCA after the association’s current insurer issued a notice of non-renewal because of the pending pool deck repairs. Maurer suggested filing a complaint with the insurance commissioner. In the meantime, Sainz said she would continue to explore options.

Sainz then said she’d prepared a letter to send out to residents who had requested community notifications informing them that modification requests may be done online through the residents’ portal. Sells made a motion to move forward with the notification of the modification application capability of the portal as of August 1, and to have the board decide no later than the September board meeting whether to include the information in November’s packet mailing to all residents. His motion passed unanimously.

Facilities Manager Dwight Kilgore reported that changing light bulbs at the tennis courts had become somewhat cost prohibitive, and recommended the board consider transitioning to LEDs. He also cited the need for recreation software to allow staff members to collect needed forms through an online portal. The board asked him to investigate available options and present them at a future meeting.

Burger 21 has offered the WCA an as-yet-undetermined amount of money in exchange for sponsoring Westchase’s summer camp. Holt said he was uncertain whether it was appropriate to solicit sponsors for WCA events and programs. Echeverry made a motion to allow the restaurant to sponsor the summer camp in exchange for a donation of no less than an agreed-upon amount. All members voted in favor of the motion except for Holt, who abstained.

Mogge, who serves as chair of the RFP Committee, contacted the board to ask whether it was appropriate to reach out directly to the WCA’s legal counsel for guidance, said Yesner. The board president then made a motion to delegate authority to the RFP committee chair as long as he copies Yesner on any relevant correspondence. The motion passed unanimously.

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