WCA Board Reinstates Swim and Tennis Committee

Shires VM Barry Anderson took the floor during the resident forum to express concerns over discussions by the CDD Board to develop a recreational area for the community on the property behind the library. Anderson said he’s attended as many of the CDD meetings and workshops that he could and had heard a number of ideas tossed around. He asked directors to work with the CDD to determine exactly what they have in mind, so residents of the Shires aren’t blindsided. WCA President Shawn Yesner said he was willing to attend CDD meetings on behalf of the Shires. GAC Chair Rick Goldstein assured Anderson that he would put the matter on the agenda of their next GAC meeting.

Yesner then shared that management had finally found a company willing to bid on the WPV pool deck repair. Director Jack Maurer (who attended the meeting virtually) explained that the crack appeared to have resulted from the initial developer having pushed organic material where they thought it wouldn’t be an issue, but they evidently didn’t push it far enough.

WCA Treasurer Michiel Oostenbrink reported that October’s income and expenditures were almost spot on to the month’s budget. Year-to-date, the largest expense overages continue to come from professional and legal fees, insurance, swim and tennis center payroll, and electricity. Additionally, year-to-date income from fines and violations is $5700 less than predicted, which he said is a good thing.

Goldstein shared that the GAC planned to pursue a federal grant that would potentially allow the WCA to install an electric vehicle charging station at a site to be determined in Westchase.

He also reported that he and Director Terry Boyd had met with Dan Saracki, mayor of Oldsmar, in an effort to renew this vital relationship. He said they discussed the owners of the Oldsmar Flea Market and of Tampa Bay Downs, and their respective plans for their properties and adjacent land. “We cannot prevent development or growth, but we can work together to try to manage it,” explained Goldstein. “We want to be proactive; if not at the table, then at least in the room where decisions are being made.”

Goldstein informed the Board that Saracki would be speaking at the Jan. 9 VM meeting, which is open to the public. He added that he plans to meet with Hillsborough County Code Enforcement in a few weeks to discuss vultures and rodents.

Goldstein then moved to appoint Dyan Pithers to the RFP Committee, and his motion passed unanimously. The RFP Committee meets Mondays at 5 p.m. at the WCA office; meetings are open to the public.

VP Michele DelSordo said she thought that the RFP was supposed to have gone out in October. Goldstein said the process has been deliberative and that the committee still wanted to get input from the VMs and residents. They hope to have a draft by early January.

Maurer asked to rename the Scope of Work Committee, stating that “Renovations Committee” would be a more appropriate title, and the board members raised no objections.

Goldstein moved to approve the current scope of work for bathroom renovations that Maurer presented, and the motion passed unanimously. The Board agreed to share the scope of work with the VMs for informational purposes only, and to move forward with soliciting bids on the project.

The Board then moved on to the question of whether to reinstate the Swim and Tennis Committee. Yesner said he’d had a discussion with facilities manager Dwight Kilgore, who thought it might be helpful to have a liaison between him and the WCA board. Former WCA Board Member Dale Sells said the original community documents established a Swim and Tennis Committee that would consist of five to nine members, but it was dissolved several years ago.

Yesner said he had served on the now-defunct committee, and it previously included two swimmers, two tennis players and an at-large member. The Board voted to re-enact the committee and Yesner said they would formally appoint members at next month’s meeting. Interested residents should contact the WCA office.

Community Manager Debbie Sainz reported that the 2024 coupon mailer went out earlier that week, along with the annual budget. Kilgore asked for clarification regarding his title, and board members agreed that it would be best to discuss the matter with the newly re-formed Swim and Tennis Committee.

A Bennington resident said she had received a notice saying that her driveway needed to be repaired, and asked what criteria were used to determine that need. She said that many of her neighbors also had driveways that were cracked due to tree roots, and that she felt she had been unfairly targeted.

Yesner assured her that was not the case, and DelSordo advised her to obtain a permit and remove the tree before attempting to repair the driveway. Goldstein moved to give the resident until January 2024 to rectify the situation, and all board members voted in favor of his motion.

Board members then discussed three proposals that contractors had submitted to replace the projectors at the WCA office and at the Countryway activity room. Goldstein moved to accept the bid from Imagine Audio, the company that installed wireless speakers at both community pools. Yesner abstained from voting due to having a personal relationship with the company, but the remaining directors unanimously passed the motion.

DelSordo moved to approve an amended janitorial contract for the WCA office, and her motion passed 7-0. Boyd made a motion to table the matter of selecting a water softener quote for the system at Countryway until next month, and all board members voted in favor of it.

The Enclave had asked to approve on-street parking, and the community’s attorneys had contacted Shumaker, the WCA’s legal counsel, to ask them to review the proposed resolution, said Yesner. The streets are privately owned, he continued, and because the Enclave is its own sub-association, the decision needs to be made by the WCA board. Boyd moved to approve the resolution as presented, and the motion passed unanimously.

The WCA’s reserve study meeting is scheduled for noon at the WCA office on Parley, Yesner reminded the board before adjourning the meeting.

Editor’s note: WOW reached out to the CDD Board and, at this time, there is no plan in place to develop the stretch of land behind the library. Supervisor Chris Barrett noted there is no possibility of intense use of that space since a large portion is wetlands.

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