CDD October Workshop

On Tuesday, October 17, the CDD Board met quorum with 3 of the 5 Supervisors in attendance at the continuation of October’s general board meeting. Also in attendance was Allen Ruiz from Virtex, who was there to clarify why TECO had requested the CDD grant access to a further easement to provide power to the cell tower site. He explained that running the power underground was not an option due to gas lines. He went on to show on a map of the parcel, half of which was already within the easement granted to Virtex. He explained an additional 15’x23’ was needed. Chairman Lewis responded that initially, he was concerned that the request would limit access for future use to the parcel but that Ruiz had, “painted a clearer picture,” and he did not see an issue with granting the request. The motion to grant the easement to TECO passed 3-0.

Resident Ralph Caputo had a couple of requests pertaining to the Santa Parade. He was concerned that construction to the West Park Village Plaza would restrict access for the Parade. He added that he had looked at alternate routes but the size of the floats restricted these. Chairman Lewis assured Caputo that, based on the procurement schedule, nothing would be under construction by the date of the parade. Caupto then asked the board if they would again be willing to pay for security during the parade. Office Manager Sonny Whyte reminded the board that due to a shortage of officers, there would be an increased rate to hire them. The Board was unanimous in approving support for the 19th Annual Santa Parade, which will take place on Saturday, December 9.

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