Garage Sale Moved to Nov. 5 and WPV Pool Hours Adjusted at October Meeting

Before calling the October meeting to order, WCA President Shawn Yesner opened the floor to residents who wished to address the board about any matters that didn’t appear on the agenda. Three Woodbay residents took the floor to express concern that their homes are among only seven that are still part of an old TECO grid that powers Twin Branch Acres (as opposed to the newer Westchase grid).

The seven homes lost power for 48 hours after Hurricane Ian swept through the area. The residents had reached out both to TECO and to the Hillsborough County Commission unsuccessfully, they said. Director Eric Holt responded by saying he had been in touch with TECO. He reported that for some technical reason, the line that connects the Woodbay homes has to stay open and that the handful of houses in question would not be moved to the Westchase grid. TECO does, however, plan to put that line underground by the second quarter of next year, which should alleviate the current issues.

Committee Reports

In his Treasurer’s report, Dale Sells said that the WCA continues to be on budget. As of Sept. 30, revenue exceeds the budgeted numbers by about $13,000, and expenses by about $42,000, largely due to legal fees.

Holt then provided his Government Affairs Committee report. He said that local fire officials had driven through all of West Park Village to assess whether any intersections needed additional signage and/or striping to ensure safe passage for fire engines in the event of an emergency. Officials identified 26 intersections in need of updating. Fortunately, Holt said, the majority of those intersections are already places where cars shouldn’t be parked, so there would be only marginal reduction of legal parking in the area.

After Property Manager Debbie Sainz presented her report, Facilities Manager Dwight Kilgore took the floor. He said he had some contractors come out to look at the West Park Village pool because some of the pavers are wobbling and creating trip hazards. The contractors believe there is a drainage problem, which is shifting the sand underneath the pool deck, causing the entire pool to move very slowly. Kilgore said he’s reached out to foundation experts to confirm that diagnosis and to get recommendations on the best way to move forward.

The WCA has changed its lightning policy, and adopted the Red Cross water safety policy that is recommended for schools and camps, shared Yesner. If there is lightning within six miles of the pool, everyone must get out of the water until the area has been completely clear of lightning and thunder for thirty minutes. Employees use the WeatherBug app for guidance.

New Business

Yesner then moved to an item under new business, which involved the possibility of hosting lifeguard training in Westchase. Sainz said that Kilgore was interested in teaching both shallow water certification and recertification courses for community members. Kilgore expressed that he hoped that offering certification classes to the community would increase the potential lifeguard candidate pool.

Under the proposal, non-residents would pay $175 and residents would pay $150 for a 28-hour course taught over two weekends. That cost includes a $41 per person fee that must be paid to the Red Cross. The proposed plan would split the balance of the cost evenly between the WCA and Kilgore, who would be teaching all of the classes outside of his hours as facilities manager.

Kilgore said that each class could accommodate up to ten students, and the frequency of classes would depend upon hiring needs. Students would leave with a digital download of the class information and their certification. Sainz said that if students earned their certification and were employed at a community pool, the proposal would have the WCA reimburse them for the cost of the course if they stayed for at least three months.

Holt then moved to implement the proposal as presented, but the motion failed to pass. Board Secretary, Blakley Echeverry expressed concern that Kilgore was being under-compensated, and moved to amend the proposal so that Kilgore would receive eighty percent of the fee balance and the WCA would receive twenty percent. Her motion passed, 6-1, with Holt voting against it.

Yesner moved on to address violation appeals. A resident took the floor to explain why he didn’t have a three-foot grass strip along his property line. He said the area between his and his neighbor’s houses is shady and damp, and grass wouldn’t grow there. They put mulch there instead.

Mulch is not allowed, explained Yesner, but other options, like pavers or rocks, could be. He recommended that the resident reach out to the Modifications Committee to seek an alternative. If that was unsuccessful, the resident could then reach out to the Variance Committee for an exemption, said Yesner. Sells, who chairs the Modifications Committee, offered to meet with resident to explore options, and moved to table the matter until the December meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

Yesner then raised the issue of WCA board members’ email addresses. They currently use personal email addresses for board business, and Yesner explained that they have the option of using proprietary email addresses that would keep WCA correspondence more secure. The board debated the pros and cons of maintaining the status quo versus updating the addresses, including the question of liability and how long they should maintain WCA-related emails. Yesner said he would speak to WCA counsel about the matter and report back at the next meeting.

Sainz presented bids from three different companies to paint the cabana and the fence surrounding the kiddie pool at the WPV facility. Director Jack Maurer raised concern about issues that need to be addressed prior to painting, including a dilapidated latch at the kiddie pool. He said he’d like two other board members to accompany him on a walkthrough of both the WPV and Countryway facilities. Echeverry and Director Jim Brinker offered to do so. Echeverry then made a motion to table the painting until next month’s meeting, and her motion passed 6-1, with Sells voting no.

The WCA cancelled October’s scheduled garage sale due to Hurricane Ian out of an abundance of caution, said Yesner, and he asked whether board members wanted to reschedule it. Brinker moved to reschedule the sale to the first Saturday of the next month, Nov. 5, and his motion passed unanimously.

In other business, Yesner asked board members to review the existing committees to determine which committees may be redundant or unnecessary. The board unanimously approved a motion to dissolve the disaster plan, management review, and cert steering committees.

Yesner then provided board members with an IT update, saying that the WCA has been working on its transition from Concertium to Tampa Bay Tech Solutions. Holt shared that the majority of the transition would be done the last week of October.

There had been a request to change the board meeting start time from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m., stated Yesner. After a brief discussion, Brinker moved to make the change starting with November’s meeting, and all members voted in favor of it.

Brinker, in his role as World of Westchase liaison, asked former WCA board member Joaquin Arrillaga to join the board of the WOW, and Arrillaga accepted.

Yesner then shared that November’s Voting Member meeting would be moved from Nov. 8, the second Tuesday of the month, to Nov. 15 due to Election Day.

WPV Pool Hour Update

Prior to adjournment, Kilgore asked the board to consider adjusting the pool hours to accommodate lifeguard staffing shortages. Yesner made a motion to implement winter hours at the West Park Village pool, effective Oct. 17 through March 31. His motion passed 6-1, with Holt being the sole vote in opposition. As a result, the WPV Pool weekday hours will be Monday through Friday from 4-8 p.m. until April 1, 2023.

Editor’s note: Following the meeting we confirmed with WCA staff that Tennis Court hours are not affected by this change. WPV Pool weekend hours will also remain the same, barring any unforeseen circumstances. The winter hour policy is subject to change prior to April 1, should staffing issues be resolved.

Yesner adjourned the meeting at 9:13 p.m.


By Lynn Gonzalez
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