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Hillsborough County Hiking Spree

Hillsborough County is home to over 60 conservation parks and nature preserves with more than 300 miles of marked hiking trails. The Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Department is challenging you to get just a taste of what the area has to offer during the 2023-24 Hillsborough County Hiking Spree.

This year’s Hiking Spree will feature new trails, new merchandise and limited-edition rewards. For the first time, the Hiking Spree will also feature guided hikes on select days. The Hiking Spree will feature diverse sites that are spread throughout the county and range from neighborhood parks to more remote preserves. The trails are designed to offer something for all ages and abilities – from hiking newbies to seasoned pros. Hikes are rated easy, moderate or strenuous to help participants gauge the trails that will work best for their fitness level. Lengths range from 4 miles to less than a mile. In addition to the designated Hiking Spree trails, one of the hikes can be at a location of the participant’s choice that is not on the list.

Hiking trail locations and distances

There are four categories of parks, 22 locations and 26 trails to choose from. There is also a Hikers Choice, which can be any trail of any length, anywhere on Earth.

Neighborhood Parks & Recreation Parks

Conservation Parks

Nature Preserves

Florida State Parks

Note: These locations and the information on their websites are not managed by Hillsborough County

You can download the full list of hiking trails here.

The Hiking Spree kicked off in November of 2023, but there is still time to get involved while the weather is cool! The Spree runs through March 31.

Residents are also encouraged to bring their leashed dogs on the hikes; more than 2,000 people registered their dogs for last year’s Hiking Spree.

Registration is now open at

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