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Improving Your Home: Getting Organized

It’s springtime and you may be getting ready to tackle spring-cleaning.

Here are some tips to help you get your home in order.

Need more space? You’re not alone. One of the most common requests that Realtors and homebuilders get when buyers are looking for a home is the desire for additional storage space. Though the ideas of built-ins, walk-in closets in every bedroom, and oversized garages seem enticing, it’s not always practical. With websites such as Pinterest and shows like The Home Edit on Netflix, it’s hard not to get the itch to want to reorganize and declutter every area of your home.

Although organizing your home sounds like a great idea, it can be more challenging than it seems and can be pretty overwhelming. Professional organizer Barbara Root Proia, owner of You Organized by Barb, said first and foremost to be realistic about your expectations rather than expecting your home to look exactly like the pictures from which you pulled your inspiration. Doing what works for your family’s lifestyle and habits instead of copying exactly what others have done is key. Further, what is important is to create something that is effortless and easy for you to use. “One size does not fit all,” she said, “Find out exactly what your needs are and figure out a solution that works for you.”

Starting small, rather than tackling larger projects first, can make the process flow much more smoothly and less stressfully. Having a project plan and a vision as well as taking on a little bit at a time will be much less overwhelming than trying to organize several spaces at once.

Declutter First, Organize Second

One of the biggest factors that can lead to disorganization is clutter. “Clutter can be debilitating,” Proia said, “Holding on to things doesn’t help us. It actually works against us.”

Although getting rid of items that you’ve been hanging on to can be a daunting and challenging task, Proia said there is no value in keeping something just for the sake of keeping it. Evaluating what you have and getting rid of items before you organize can make a huge difference right off the bat since there will be less stuff to put away in the end.

Starting with items that have no sentimental value to you is the best way to begin since the less emotionally connected you are to something, the easier it will be to get rid of. Sorting items into three bins—toss, keep, and donate—can help the process move along smoothly. A great motivator to help get rid of stuff is to identify who you would want to pass those items on to. “People tend to get satisfaction knowing that someone else will be able to use it,” Proia said.

Many charities will gladly schedule a pickup of donated items, and posting on online yard sale sites can be perfect ways to get the items out of the way quickly.

The Container is Not the Organization System

Aside from the ease of having your items organized, another big factor that motivates people to organize is for aesthetic purposes. Uniform bins and decorative baskets can look clean and appealing, though that doesn’t always mean that they’ll be practical in your space. Although it may be tempting and exciting to go straight to HomeGoods or The Container Store before getting started, it could actually do more harm than good. Since you won’t know exactly what your storage system will need to look like or how many bins or baskets you’ll actually need, buying storage containers first could force you to end up keeping things you need for the sake of keeping the containers filled. Evaluate what you have first and then shop for storage.

Put Your Toys Away

If you have kids, you know that keeping their items organized can sometimes seem impossible. The best way to help keep their things in order? “Get kids involved!” Proia said, “If they have ownership, they’re going to be much more compliant.”

Including your kids in the process instead of just creating an organization system for them could help motivate them to keep things in order if you find a way that specifically works for them. Kids are more stimulated when less stuff is available, so having too many items to put away can easily cause them to lose focus and get off track. If there are too many toys but your child my not be quite ready to part with them yet, Proia suggested rotating toys. Keeping half in a closet and the other half out in view will keep their interests piqued, but also keep clutter out of the way. Keeping like items together can also help make it easier to put them away at the end of the day.

Allowing kids to have a hand in choosing their own storage system can make a huge impact on how they will want to organize what is theirs. “The goal is to get them to own something and follow through. It may not look beautiful, but it works!” she said.

Labeling items and bins themselves can be a fun and great motivator for kids. Reusable labels and chalk labels can come in very handy since toys and items will change as kids grow. For younger kids who can’t read yet, using pictures in place of the labels can be a fun way to help them associate with what gets put into each space. Color-coding can also be a very helpful way for kids to stay organized, especially for those who have ADHD. Color-coding has shown to have a positive effect on remembering where items go.

When A Small Space Is A Big Challenge

Organizing a small space can be intimidating. If you lack closet space, utilizing vertical storage is a great way to keep items stored without taking up unnecessary space. Using decorative yet functional baskets set on book hangers, wall systems, and floating shelves can help keep items out of sight but still within reach. Storing items under the bed that you don’t need access to on a daily basis is a great use of space. If you’re worried about how it will look, opt for woven and wicker baskets to make it aesthetically pleasing or choose a bedframe with built-in storage. Installing storage directly on doors—particularly in kitchens, laundry rooms, and garages—is a good place for stuff such as cleaning supplies and pantry items instead of having them take up additional counter or pantry space.

Think Outside The Box

Baskets and plastic bins are most commonly used for storage, but there are lots of other creative and inexpensive ways to store items. “You can make anything work – use what you have,” Proia said. Repurposing items such as jars and glass candleholders is a fun (and free!) way to store and display smaller countertop items, especially in bathrooms. Using vintage or decorative boxes that you don’t want to throw out is also a perfect way to stash items that you want out of sight, yet still have accessible.

Although places like The Container Store are excellent go-to sources to find organization systems of all sizes, Proia also said she doesn’t steer her clients away from using more budget-friendly items. She said that even places like The Dollar Tree can have a great selection of colorful storage bins, which can be perfect for organizing kids’ toys and craft supplies. She loves the IKEA systems as well since they’re easy on the wallet, but still good quality and very interchangeable.

Once you’ve figured out what you need and you have your system in place, though, Proia said that labeling is essential to make things attainable and effortless.

Turn Your Garage Into A Happy Place

The garage is another very common part of the house that tends to get cluttered quite easily. Whether you have a one car or a three-car garage, it can be easy to quickly run out of space. The easiest way to make your garage appear clutter-free is to free up the floor space. Wall organizers and hooks can hang large tools, sporting equipment and even bikes. Cabinets can house smaller tools and cleaning supplies and shelves stacked with clear or labeled plastic bins are perfect to hold seasonal items. Installing overhead storage has become very popular since it allows you to store items that aren’t frequently used without taking up floor, cabinet, or shelving space. If your garage is large enough, installing a car lift can turn one parking space into two. Although that can be on the pricier side, it can be a worthy investment for homes with three or more cars (and can also help avoid that unwanted violation for street parking).

Don’t Get Discouraged

Re-organizing may seem like a lot of work, but it will be very worth it in the end. It can be more useful than just keeping things put away. Organizing and decluttering can make your day-to-day life easier. It can help with mental health and can be a game changer for your family. You may need to edit your organization system several times and that’s OK. Taking small steps will help lead to overall improvement.

What’s most important is that what you create works for you. Happy home improvement and happy spring cleaning!

By Brie Gorecki

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