WCA Board Chooses Officers; Decides on Tennis Vendor Selection Process

Meeting on Thursday Sept. 10, two days after board elections filled four board seats, directions of the Westchase Community Association (WCA) selected their officers for the coming year and discussed how to transition their current tennis program.

Initially chaired by Association Manager Debbie Sainz, the meeting saw the reappointment of WCA President was Shawn Yesner while Heather Greeley-Hessefort was chosen vice president. Director Dale Sells saw appointment as treasurer and Keith Heinemann was reappointed secretary.

Rounding out board appointments, Director Eric Holt was reappointed chair of the Government Affairs Committee (GAC) and Greeley-Hessefort was reappointed WOW Member, who serves as the liaison between the board and the WOW, Inc. Board of Directors.

Directors then turned briefly to three business items. After discussing the need for written guidelines for posts on the WCA Board’s official Facebook group, Westchase Community Chronicles, the board passed a motion authorizing the president and vice president to handle the group and its posts going forward.

Yesner then inquired how the board wished to handle the transition of the association’s tennis program. Currently the WCA handles all payments for tennis programs, pays a base salary to the tennis pro and then takes 20 percent of all revenues. The new model the board is considering is based on the existing swim program model: the tennis vendor would simply rent the facilities and handle all transactions.

Based on what he said were lessons learned from a previous board’s handling of the swim team transition, Yesner stated it was his intent to invite three vendors, Roberto Calle, the current tennis pro; AB Tennis; and The Tennis Connection, to make their pitches to the board and members of the tennis community at an open public meeting with questions submitted in advance. “I want to learn our lesson from the way Pipeline was brought on board,” he said, referring to the swim team company.

The idea, however, saw pushback from Directors Joaquin Arrillaga and Eric Holt. “I can see it getting out of hand if we take that approach,” stated Holt. Both instead suggested a smaller committee first vet vendors prior to selecting those that would appear before the board. Arrillaga suggested the small committee include members of the Westchase tennis community. Holt, however, emphasized the board would not make decisions without community input.

Possibly implying there would be an expectation of community involvement, Director Greeley-Hessefort stated the community was already aware the board was looking to make a change. “I’ve seen people post it on Facebook, so it’s already out there. And people are saying it’s a good thing.”

Ultimately Arrillaga stated he would reach out to members of the tennis community he knew to invite them to participate in the committee. A motion naming Arrillaga and Director Jim Brinker to the committee and authorizing them to reach out to the tennis community at their discretion passed unanimously.

In final action, the board decided to move their Dec. meeting to Dec. 3 due to the beginning of Hanukah.

“I appreciate your confidence in having me as your president for another year,” concluded Yesner. “I’m really looking forward to this board.”

By Chris Barrett, Publisher

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