WCA Board Discusses Summer Camp, Hoops Rule and Facility Rule Review

At their June meeting, the WCA Board tackled resident requests about summer camp and rule reviews.

The Westchase Community Association (WCA) Board of Directors began the meeting by eliminating the current Westchase 4.0 women’s USTA team for its persistent failure to meet its membership requirements.

West Park Village resident Debbie Dawson participated in the meeting, held via Zoom, to ask directors to approve the team for another year. Westchase facility rules state that 50 percent of Westchase teams have to be Westchase residents or receive board approval. Last year directors voted 6-0 to waive the resident requirement for a year. The current team of 16 includes four Westchase residents. “USTA is suspended right now due to COVID,” Dawson said. “We are always open to welcoming other players. This team has represented Westchase in the past and advanced to state tournaments. Please consider approving it for another year.”

Director Dale Sells pointed out that the team had not met the resident percentage requirement for the past seven years. Dawson responded that it was probably due to the level of play but that they were open to new team members. Directors, however, voted 5-2 in favor of Sells’ motion to not approve the team for another year. Board Vice President Michele DelSordo and Director Heather Greeley-Hessefort cast the dissenting votes.

Directors then addressed the potential mid-summer reopening of the Westchase Summer Activity Camp. Community Association Manager Debbie Sainz said she Hillsborough County had closed three of its recently opened camps due to Covid-19 outbreaks. Sells added that he did not think the association had the staff to replicate the safety precautions Hillsborough County was using in their camps. In response to Greeley Hessefort’s question about why tennis camps were able to continue while the activity camps were not, Facilities Manager Kelly Shires said that the tennis camps were conducted outside with space between the children while activity camp often took place inside in close quarters. Directors ultimately decided not to open Westchase’s summer activity camp later in the summer.

Directors waived 90 percent of a Bridges’ homeowner’s violation because it had been corrected and tabled another’s for 60 days to give them time to determine what could be done about a tree that has grown so big that it thwarts other trees from growing, preventing the homeowners from being in compliance with rules related to the minimum number of yard trees.

All voted in favor of Director Eric Holt’s request that Rick Goldstein, former director and Government Affairs Committee Chair, be re-appointed to the committee.

Holt volunteered to chair the Nominating Committee and Greeley-Hessefort will join him on the committee. WCA Director Keith Heinemann volunteered to assist in organizing September’s board election effort.

Several participants of the Master Swim Program attended the meeting to report to the board that their members were willing to pay extra to keep the program going but Shires said he did not have any staff willing to work the early morning hours. DelSordo responded, “We have residents who are willing to pay and throw some money to lifeguards. What can we do to help accommodate it? It seems like we’re just saying, ‘no’ instead of saying, ‘we can’t do this.’ Maybe we need to look at it a different way. How hard are we looking to find someone?”

Harbor Links resident Yelena Maloney said that she knew of several lifeguard-certified high school students looking for summer jobs. Board President Shawn Yesner said, “Yelena, if you have people who are qualified lifeguards, get the names to Debbie or Kelly and if they are willing to work those hours and the swimmers are willing to pay for it, I think we reopen the program.”

Yesner told the board, “We’ve been getting vocal complaints about having to bring [basketball] hoops in at night. We looked the other way during Covid, then announced inspections would begin again. We have had residents request just basketball hoops be allowed at night and request that the voting members (VMs) change the rule. Does the board want to take any action on allowing hoops to stay out overnight?”

Greeley-Hessefort said she had voted to suspend the rule because the county was under a stay at home order. Sells said he did not think they had suspended any rules, just stopped inspections until it was safe for two employees to conduct inspections together. Harbor Links VM Terrence Maloney asked the board to consider lifting the rules for the summer since county parks remain closed but Sells said the board did not have that authority and directors decided to leave the matter to the VMs.

Yesner asked directors if they would be interested in reviewing proposals for outsourcing the tennis program, similar to how Pipeline Swimming runs the swim team. All said they would like more information.

All voted in favor of replacing aging, mismatched furniture at the association office and in favor of accepting CertaPro’s bid to paint the office.

The association’s legal firm drafted Covid-19 waivers for adults using the facilities based on what other associations are doing. Director Ruben Collazo said he thought it was a good idea but Holt said he thought the current signage was sufficient. Collazo’s motion to adopt the waivers died because no one seconded it.

DelSordo volunteered to chair a committee that will look at revising the facility rules. Greeley-Hessefort observed that she would like the rules to be more resident friendly. Yelena Maloney volunteered to help with the review.

Yesner reported that the resurfacing of the tennis courts and addition of the pickleball courts at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center on Countryway had been delayed because the vendor had ordered supplies from a New York factory, which had been shut down. Once they found a new supplier and the supplies were delivered, there were two weeks of rain but that he hoped the project would soon be back on track and complete.
By Marcy Sanford

NOTE: The original article has been corrected. It originally incorrectly identified that Director Heather Greeley-Hessefort had volunteered to serve on the Facilities Rules Rewrite Committee. The sentence about her involvement with the Nominations Committee has also been changed to better reflect her role there. WOW regrets the errors.

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