Westchase VMs Discuss Modification Process

The October Voting Member’s meeting was the first time that incoming WCA President Shawn Yesner, elected as president by the board in September, had led the meeting.

Voting Members’ (VMs) first agenda item was a proposed guideline change for flagpoles (Section 1.3.4 Flags). Yesner explained that proper notification had not appeared in the World of Westchase (WOW), so the item had to be tabled until the next meeting.

Yesner explained that he had placed the next item on the agenda—clarification of the modification approval process for sub-associations. Modifications refer to homeowner requested changes to the exteriors of their homes or to their yards. Yesner said he brought it up because there is an issue that may come before the board soon and he wanted to be sure everyone understood the process.

VM Lynn Adamson (The Vineyards) explained the process they follow in The Vineyards. She said that a Vineyards’ modification request goes to Greenacre Properties, which logs it in. It then goes to the Vineyards’ architectural review chair. She has two others on the committee she can consult if a Vineyards resident requests something that hasn’t been done before in the community or anything else she deems unclear. If it is approved, it is forwarded to the Westchase Community Association (WCA), whose Modification Committee then reviews it.

Nancy Sells (Harbor Links/The Estates alternate) added, “In the documents, it says, for a subassociation, they have to have an established architectural review committee. They review it first. If they do not have an architectural review committee, it goes to the master [association].”

Association Manager Debbie Sainz clarified the reason for including the topic on the VM agenda. She emphasized that subassociations must forward all modification requests, whether approved or denied, to the WCA’s Modifications Committee. “In the Guidelines, there are INSGs—Individual Neighborhood Specific Guidelines. Those guidelines take precedent first. If it doesn’t apply, it falls back on the master. West Park Village has a wide array of guidelines even within sub associations. When the modifications come in, we look first at your neighborhood guidelines, then look at the master guidelines. Even if you deny it, it still has to be sent to the WCA.”

Some VMs were not aware that requests that are denied by a subassociation need to be sent to the WCA so that the master association can review them.

Trish Lewandowski (Woodbay alternate) brought up a concern that the new Citrus Park Drive Extension project would be dumping a lot of traffic onto Countryway Boulevard. “The people that live along Countryway don’t want our median to go away,” she said.

Yesner responded that he would get the concern to the Government Affairs Committee (GAC).

WCA Director Michele DelSordo, a member of the GAC, announced to VMs that there is a new Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Resource Officer for Westchase, Deputy McCutcheon, who will attend the Oct. 10 WCA Board meeting. DelSordo said the GAC was also meeting with him to discuss the changes that will be occurring within West Park Village around parking and safety concerns.

VMs adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

By Brenda Bennett

EDITOR’S NOTE: During layout of October’s WOW, the WCA’s submitted flag guideline amendment was missed by WOW staff. As the result, the public notice did not properly run. The notice will run in November’s WOW. WOW regrets the oversight.

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