GAC Transportation Survey: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Over 150 people every day are moving into Tampa Bay and that impacts every single one of us.

Growth is great (most of us transplanted from somewhere else, didn’t we?) but it has impacts to our roads, interstate systems, taxes, parking and our quality of life.
In response, the Westchase Government Affairs Committee (GAC) has created a Transportation Steering Committee charged with multiple directives. First and foremost is to gather feedback from residents. To develop a position, we need a pulse check from Westchase along with our Northwest community neighbors to create our voice regarding future transportation needs and wants for Hillsborough County.

Our community is so diverse in age and stages of life, we know there isn’t a single need or improvement that covers all 10,000 plus residents. So we really need to hear from you.
You can take the poll online here: httpss://

We will also be posting a link on the Westchase Neighborhood News Facebook page, where you can electronically submit your feedback or you can directly email us your responses along with commentary to

We welcome additional open-ended text, experiences, thoughts on what you like today or would like to see change for transportation in Hillsborough County. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • Does your daily commute to work mean driving to downtown Tampa/St. Pete? Y ☐ N ☐
  • Do you shuttle/carpool teenagers to school around varying parts of Tampa? Y ☐ N ☐
  • Do spend your afternoons/evenings/weekends driving the “I’s” (I-4, I-275, I-75)? Y ☐ N ☐
  • Do you/your family rely on Uber/Lyft multiple times a week? Y ☐ N ☐
  • Do safety concerns prohibit your use of public transport? Y ☐ N ☐
  • Do you drive a hybrid /electric car but struggle to find charging or parking? Y ☐ N ☐
  • Would you prefer to commute by bike but are fearful of distracted drivers? Y ☐ N ☐
  • Do you work from home so more efficient commutes to the airport matter? Y ☐ N ☐
  • Are you a snow bird retiree that has restricted your driving and struggles with transport outside of the immediate area? Y ☐ N ☐

Why are we asking? We want to know. We need to know. (Please keep in mind, this Steering Committee is tasked with Hillsborough County transportation and Westchase/Northwest messaging. Concerns regarding neighborhood parking and traffic congestion are being addressed separately by GAC.)

By Deb Guerino

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