WCA Board Considers Renewal of Pipeline Swim Team Contract

The Oct. 10 meeting of the WCA Board saw directors entertain the creation of a new pickleball court, adopt a new electronic voting vendor for the association’s next elections and request feedback from residents on the renewal of the current swim team’s contract.

Several resident pickleball players attended the Westchase Community Association (WCA) Board meeting to ask the board to modify one tennis court so that pickleball could also be played on it. They said that all it would require would be drawing some additional lines and moveable nets. Board Vice President Michele Del Sordo said she had talked with the United States Tennis Association about what would need to be done to make a tennis court pull double duty as a pickleball court and that she would like to put all the information together for directors to consider at their November meeting. A West Park Village (WPV) resident in the audience pointed out that pickleball is a considerably louder sport than tennis and asked directors to keep that in mind when choosing the location for the combo tennis/pickleball court.

Board Treasurer Ruben Collazo and Board Secretary Keith Heinemann were absent from the meeting.

Government Affairs Committee Chair Rick Goldstein introduced the Westchase area’s new Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Resource Officer, Deputy Matthew McCutcheon, to directors and residents in attendance. In response to a West Park Village resident’s comment about receiving a warning for illegal parking a few weeks ago, McCutcheon said he had been driving through the neighborhood in the mornings to get a sense pf parking violations and had written 120 warnings in one week with the most common violations being cars parked too close to or blocking a fire hydrant, cars parked in the wrong direction or cars parked too close to an intersection. The resident also asked McCutcheon and the board to look into illegally driven golf carts in the neighborhood. Goldstein said that Del Sordo and MuCutcheon and he would be meeting the next day to discuss parking and crosswalk issues. Goldstein also said that he and Del Sordo would be walking through West Park Village with county representatives to look at the final plan to address illegal parking issues in the neighborhood.

A representative from the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA) and Enterprise presented Enterprise’s Vanpool program, which they hope to bring to Westchase.

Directors unanimously voted to waive 90% of the fine for a Bridges homeowner since a window violation had been corrected.

Coach Patrick from Pipeline Swimming, the company that runs the Westchase community swim team program, spoke to the board about their past year running the program. He said Westchase resident participation had risen from 7 percent to nearly 45 percent, that they had hired five additional coaches and had championship swimmers in the program. He added that they were happy with the current contract and would like to continue it, with no changes, for 2020. All directors voted in favor of Board President Shawn Yesner’s motion to engage the board and legal counsel in negotiation with Pipeline and to bring the contract renewal to the November board meeting. Yesner said he would like to receive comments from residents before the meeting. Residents should send comments to

Yesner said that he had talked to Goldstein about his success with the Government Affairs Committee and understood that some of Goldstein’s access to county representatives happened when they heard the title vice president. Yesner made a motion for the title for the Government Affairs Committee Chair to be changed to Vice President for Government Affairs and all directors voted in favor of the motion.

Director Dale Sells made a motion to include a questionnaire to the annual fee invoice packet. The questionnaire will ask residents what they would like to see the Master Plan Committee focus on. All voted in favor of his motion. Sells asked directors to send him any questions they would like to see on the questionnaire.

All voted in favor of Heather Greeley-Hessefort’s motion to use Simply Voting for electronic voting in the next WCA election. All voted in favor of appointing Joaquin Arrillaga and Leslie McCluskie to the Covenants Committee.

As the WOW Member, the WCA representative for the WOW board, Greeley-Hessefort said that WOW editor Chris Barrett had printed an apology for not including Harbor Links/The Estates resident Lucas Capuzzo’s bio in the September issue, which included biographies of all the other residents running for WCA board. Sells said that a couple of Voting Members (VMs) had mentioned concerns to him about phone calls they had received from Barrett prior to the WCA board elections but continued that he thought the matter was not a WCA one but one for the WOW board and so he would turn the matter over to them.

Community Association Manager Debbie Sainz reported that West Park Village tennis court resurfacing would be taking place Nov. 11-25. All directors voted in favor of her recommendation to use AffinityCPA for the next WCA audit as well as in favor of her request to use Triangle Pool Service to replace the pool cover at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center on Countryway Boulevard.

Yesner told directors that WOW had offered the WCA a free booth at the Great West Chase race. He said he thought the WCA should take WOW up on its offer but that he would be out of town. Del Sordo and Sells volunteered to work at the booth.

Your WCA Wants to Hear From You!

Does your child participate in the swim program run by Pipeline Swimming or have they in the past? The Westchase Community Association Board would like to hear your comments about the program, both positive and negative, as they consider renewing Pipeline’s contract for 2020. Please send your comments to by Nov. 10.

By Marcy Sanford

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