WCA Board Votes to Hire New Tennis Vendor

During their Nov. 12 meeting, WCA Board of Directors decided to give AB Tennis a swing at running Westchase’s tennis program.

Run by Westchase residents Alex and Christine Bogdanovic, AB Tennis was recommended by a committee made up of directors and Westchase residents and tennis players. Director Jim Brinker said, “I very strongly feel that the committee felt that AB Tennis would be best for the community.”

However, Westchase Community Association (WCA) Board President Shawn Yesner said that first the board had to approve the decision to go with a private company to run the program instead of it being overseen by an association employee. This led to a question from Director Eric Holt about the financial implications for the association. Director Joaquin Arrillaga, who was on the committee that evaluated the private tennis companies said, “ I don’t have the exact numbers but with salary (for the current tennis coach), we don’t make that much money off of tennis. We never needed that extra income for the budget. I think that it is going to be insignificant and will hardly have any effect on the budget.”

Holt, however, made a motion for a pre and post financial analysis, which was met with about half a minute of silence until Director Keith Heinemann seconded it. Yesner said that based on his budget reviews from previous years he agreed with Arrillaga’s opinion and Board Treasurer Dale Sells observed, “When we had this discussion last month, [Community Association Manager] Debbie [Sainz] was here and the final numbers haven’t been finalized but I think it was almost a wash. It was less than $1,000 one way or the other.” Sells added, “The reason to do this is not to make more or less money but whether or not we want more of a tennis program than the one we have currently. We are not a tennis club but I think we can provide more to the tennis community than we have been. I think a Westchase resident will be incentivized to make the program great.”

Arrillaga added, “We need to make a decision out of fairness to [Tennis Coach] Roberto [Calla].”

Brinker said, “At the last meeting we said we would look at what the committee proposed and be good with it.”

Holt, in turn, responded, “If the rest of the board has a high level of certainty that we are talking about marginal differences in revenue, I will withdraw my motion.”

All ultimately voted in favor of Heather Greeley-Hessefort’s motion to outsource the tennis program and Arrillaga’s motion to enter into negotiations with AB Tennis to become the association’s tennis vendor.

A West Park Village resident attended the meeting to appeal his fine for not meeting the minimum tree requirement in yards. The resident said that there were not any trees in his front yard when he moved in seven years ago. He said this spring he and his wife started taking out the builder-grade plants and planting new plants, including a Christmas palm, after which they received a violation notice because the tree was not five feet tall. He said that he did not know there was a tree requirement and that the letter just said the tree was not five feet. He said that when he got a third notification, he called the office and talked to someone, who told him to fill out a modification form. He then found out he needed two trees and that now everything was correct. Greeley-Hessefort made a motion to waive 90 percent of the fine. The homeowner asked if it would be possible to waive the entire fine but Greeley-Hessefort said “That is what we typically do and we want to be consistent. We do incur expenses.” The homeowner countered, “I understand that, but after the second notice, I knew the tree did not meet the height requirement, but did not know we did not meet minimum tree requirement.”

All voted in favor of the motion.

All voted in favor or rejuvenating the landscaping around the WCA office.

Community Association Manager Debbie Sainz was not present at the meeting but she had presented directors with a report including information about replacing the water fountains at the Swim and Tennis Center on Countryway and the West Park Village facilities with touchless bottle filler fountains. According to her report, the company approved to install the fountain at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center in October, had not responded to her request to come do the work. She, however, had met with a second plumbing company, Anytime Plumbing, who had said they would replace fountains at both facilities for $6,577, which included fountains and labor. She added that their cost was less than the other company had quoted for the Countryway work. Arrillaga asked if the cost was above the amount that required the WCA to get three quotes. Holt said that he was going to submit for a mini grant that would pay $5,000 towards the project and made a motion to approve both projects with the new quotes, adding, “I do think she (Sainz) pursued more than two, but only had one that was viable.” His motion passed 5-2 with Arrillaga and Heinemann casting the dissenting votes.

Arrillaga asked that next month the board look to see if there is a limit on expenses and number of quotes needed.

Arrillaga said that the Master Plan Committee had received some good suggestions and that residents had until Dec. 10 to submit ideas. He said there would be an online survey residents could use (see page 14) or they could email ideas to westchasemasterplan@gmail.com.

The board noted nominations for the Nathan Lafer Good Neighbor Award are due to the WCA office by Dec. 3. The award was established in 2006 to honor Lafer’s volunteer spirit and recognize residents who have helped and volunteered in the community to improve the quality of life in Westchase.

By Marcy Sanford

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