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Reduced Speed Limit Along Sheldon Road Beginning April 24

Beginning Monday, April 24, the speed limit on Sheldon Road, from South Mobley to Hillsborough Avenue, will be reduced from 45 m.p.h. to 40 m.p.h. In conjunction with the speed limit change, all 14 traffic signals along this corridor will be re-timed. The end goal, according to Hillsborough County Transportation Engineering Manager Bob Campbell, is to reduce crashes and alleviate congestion.

This area has seen an increase in traffic volume since the Citrus Park Drive extension opened in 2022. The intersection of Sheldon Road and Citrus Park Drive, along with the one at Waters Avenue and Sheldon, are hot spots for rear-end crashes. According to Campbell, the reduction in speed along with the retiming of the traffic lights will keep traffic flowing and reduce the number of stops. Fewer stops result in fewer rear-end crashes. Campbell also pointed out that reducing the speed limit lessens the impact of crashes that do occur.  “The faster you go, if you hit someone the more damage you cause,” Campbell said. “If an accident happens, we hope it’s not as severe.”

Improved traffic flow has other benefits. Fewer stops mean less idling, which is better for the environment. And a reduction in speed also makes this corridor more pedestrian friendly. To further ensure pedestrian safety, the timing of the traffic signals along this corridor includes a leading pedestrian interval, which allows pedestrians to enter the crosswalk at an intersection several seconds before vehicles are given the green light. Engineering Associate Rafael De Dios Claudio pointed out that the pedestrian signals along this corridor are only activated when the button is pressed, unlike more pedestrian-heavy intersections where the pedestrian phase is programmed to occur with every green light. This also helps keep traffic flowing on this busy thoroughfare.

Beginning Monday, April 24, the new speed limit and traffic signal timing will go into effect. During that initial week, traffic engineers will work to fine-tune the timing based on data they collect from surface cameras installed at intersections along the route and the county encourages drivers to have patience during the transition.




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