The Most Eye-Popping Holiday Decorating Displays in Westchase

After touring multiple neighborhoods over the weekend of Dec. 10-12, the WOW Decorating Contest judges turned in their ballots.

And then we had to send another family out last night to break a tie.

Needless to say, it was a tough choice! There are so many great and worthy homes out there representing hours of dedicated holi-decorating!

The winners’ list, including honorable mentions, is compiled from homes nominated in the early weeks of December by neighbors, friends and even the homeowners themselves.

Are there other great homes out there? Absolutely! (Please be sure to let us know about them next year!) The contest winners represent those who compile the most points across all decorating judges, who go out separately and do not deliberate. (Some are individuals; some are families.) Nevertheless, depending on your personal decorating preferences, you’ll find homes among the honorable mentions that you might rank higher. While some of our decorators take this very seriously, please remember that the primary purpose of the contest is fun and locating solid displays for everyone to visit. We’re tremendously grateful to you all!

Now grab your loved ones, pile in the car and head on out for an awesome holiday light tour!

Westchase’s Best Neighborhoods

First Place: Bristol Commons Circle in Woodbay
Second Place: Seabridge Way in The Bridges
Third Place: Clear Harbor Drive (Harbor Links)

Westchase Best Homes

First Place 12428 Bristol Commons Circle (Woodbay): Dan and Robert Good
Second Place 10416 Snowden Place (Chelmsford): Gordon and Liz Price
Third Place 9946 Stockbridge Drive* (The Bridges): David Rojas, Jr.

*Note: Third place proved controversial with some judges because the PG-13 display prominently features a vulgarity from a holiday movie. Parents with young kids might want to pass on driving past this one.

Westchase Honorable Mentions

10441 Lightner Bridge Dr. (The Bridges): Michelle Fekete Baugh
10211 Woodford Bridge Street (The Bridges): Dawn and Scott Happel
10408 Snowden Pl. (Chelmsford): Jordan and Donna Jesmer
10740 Tavistock Dr. (Chelmsford): Maria and Philip DeCampos
10011 Bridgeton Dr. (The Bridges): Erin and Rob Tucker
9608 Gretna Green Dr. (The Greens): Carolyn Reynolds
10336 Green Links Dr. (Village Green): Paul and Karen Findling
10425 Greenhedges Dr. (The Greens): Megan and Rick Scott
10719 Ayrshire Dr. (The Shires): Dan and Angela Johnson
12123 Clear Harbor Dr. (Harbor Links): Nancy and Dale Sells
12417 Seabrook Dr. (Woodbay): George Sly
12409 Bristol Commons Cir. (Woodbay): Lisa and Brian Brizendine
12412 Bristol Commons Cir. (Woodbay): Shannon and Kevin Bartle
12401 Bristol Commons Cir. (Woodbay): Tara and Mostafa Sallam

Note: The Honorable Mention addresses proceed east to west for easy visiting.

Northwest’s Best Neighborhood

Mandolin Estates

Northwest’s Best Homes

First Place (tie): 11305 Minaret Dr. (Mandolin Estates): Jeff Mauldin
First Place (tie): 11307 Minaret Dr. (Mandolin Estates): Lisa and Matthew Cronin
Second Place: 11328 Minaret Dr. (Mandolin Estates): Bud and Cheryl Somers

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