WCA Requests Homeowners Complete Form for Electronic Voting

Are you ready to vote this winter for your neighborhood Voting Member?

Westchase Community Association Manager Debbie Sainz has requested that all homeowners within the Westchase Community Association (WCA) complete, sign and return the Certificate of Consent to Electronic Voting and to Receipt of Notices Via Electronic Transmission. (Click here to download it.)

Sainz has requested that homeowners include a scan of their photo ID for proof of residency when returning the form. The completed form can be emailed to her at manager@wcamanager.com, faxed to 926-1821 or posted to the WCA at 10049 Parley Dr., Tampa, FL 33626.

The form will allow the homeowner to cast ballots for their Voting Member (VM) elections and complete polls for amendments to the Westchase Community Association Bylaws and Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, which are the community’s deed restrictions. The form also permits the WCA to use the homeowner’s email for official notices of meetings and other document changes.

VM Elections

Every December half of Westchase villages elect their VM and alternates, which serve two-year terms. VMs elect the board of directors and they oversee all changes to Westchase’s rules. This December the following villages will hold their elections: Abbotsford, The Bridges (outside of Stockbridge, Stonebridge and Woodbridge), Glencliff, The Greens, Harbor Links/The Estates, Keswick Forest, The Shires, Stamford, Woodbay and Wycliff.

Homeowners wishing to vote in the elections should submit the consent for electronic voting. Homeowners wishing to volunteer as their neighborhood VM or Alternate can submit their names to be included on the neighborhood ballots to Debbie Sainz at manager@wcamanager.com.

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