VMs Address Neighborhood Elections and Association Improvements

Westchase VMs’ meeting focused on upcoming neighborhood elections and the creation of a new association master plan at their Oct. 13 meeting.

WCA President Shawn Yesner introduced Association Manager Charlotte Adams to discuss December’s voting member elections for the neighborhoods of Abbotsford, The Bridges, Glencliff, The Greens, Harbor Links, Keswick Forest, The Shires, Stamford, Woodbay and Wycliff.

“It’s that time of year,” said Adams. “I’m still waiting on quite a few of you. I need to know if you’re going to run.”

Adams stated that the deadline for all residents to get on ballots for their neighborhood VM or alternate positions was Oct. 19. Each candidate must sign the association’s code of conduct (which can be done electronically) and submit a brief bio to Adams at

Yesner then requested that VMs appoint a new architect to the Variance Committee. He introduced Megan Bingham, who stated she had 14 years of experience as a licensed architect working for a small firm that handled many renovations and new builds. She added she also had served on her own HOA’s architectural review committee.

VMs approved her appointment unanimously.

WCA Director Joaquin Arrillaga then discussed his work as chair of the Master Planning Committee. Arrillaga stated that the goal of the committee was to solicit input from residents. “The board would like to know what the residents would like to do in terms of programs and facilities,” he said. Arrillaga said he wrote an article for November’s WOW soliciting resident suggestions, which the committee will compile and bring to the WCA Board of Directors. He added the first step was to constitute the committee and requested VMs volunteer. “We’re planning to meet three times,” he said. “Twice in November, once in December.” Arrillaga added the committee will then make its board report to establish a three to five year master plan in January.

Citing residents, Arrillaga emphasized, “I really want a lot of participation.”

VMs Mary Griffin (Single Family Homes of WPV), Mark Bolton (Alternate for Radcliffe) and Lisa Godfrey (Worthington) volunteered.

“Any resident is welcome to be part of it,” Arrillaga stated and added any resident who wishes to volunteer to serve on the committee could reach him at He added that residents with suggestions about improvements to Westchase facilities and programs could also submit them to that email address.

Bridges VM Dawn Gingrich brought up a handful of resident inquiries. These included maintenance of deteriorating green utility posts in yards and whether the CDD could help with root issues for trees between sidewalks and street. She also inquired about repairs to sidewalks representing trip hazards and whether the CDD had a street tree maintenance schedule for trimming.

The Westchase CDD is an independent entity from the Westchase association.

Kingsford VM Forrest Baumhover, who also serves as a CDD supervisor, recommended Gingrich contact CDD staff about the tree issues. “I’d say Doug and Sonny are the best points of contact to handle any issues directly.”

WCA President Yesner observed that sidewalks outside of gated neighborhoods are the responsibility of the county. One West Park Village VM stated he had success gotten the county to ground down uneven sidewalks by reporting them as trip and fall hazards.

Yesner added of WCA Director Eric Holt, who chairs the Government Affairs Committee (GAC), “I know Eric is working on sidewalks.” Yesner stated of the utility box and sidewalk issues, “I’ve already sent Eric a text message and asked [Association Manager Debbie Sainz] to put it on next month’s agenda.”

VMs adjourned at 7:36 p.m.

By Chris Barrett, Publisher

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